Chapter 14

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Eli walked around me slowly, his blue eyes seeming to drink up my body. The promise in his tone made me want to clench my thighs together, but since my legs were spread apart, there was no way that was happening.

"I would ask you if you remembered how we used to do this all the time, but I know you don't." He said, coming back into my line of vision. "But I know your body does." Eli brought his hand up, letting the whip brush against my sensitive nipples and I whimpered at the feel of the rough leather.

He let the strands drag down my back, through the crack of my ass, and then back to the front, where it rubbed against my clit. I gasped at the jolt of pleasure that went through me and when he pressed his lips against mine, I leaned my head back, allowing him more access.

Our tongues fought for dominance and heat spread through me like a fire, causing a wetness to pool between my legs. Eli gripped my hair tightly, prickling pain shooting through my scalp, but it felt good.

"Hmm...let's try something." He whispered when we parted, panting for air. My brows furrowed at his statement, but I didn't have long to figure out what he meant because one moment he was behind me, and the next, he was in front of me, shoving something cold and thick inside me.

"Eli!" I gasped when vibrating sensations shot through me. Something rubbed against my clit over and over while, what I now knew was a vibrator, vibrated speedily inside me. I felt my pussy clench around the fake penis over and over, and I could feel another orgasm wanting to push through.

Just then, the vibrator slowed down, causing my potential orgasm to slip through my fingers, the sensation diminishing. "Wh-what are you doing?" I asked, squirming to get that feeling back.

Eli chuckled and leaned down, pressing his lips against one of my nipples and then did the same to the other. I pulled against my restraints, wanting him to take it into his hot mouth, but he didn't.

"This is punishment, my love. You might not remember what you made me do-" he said, running a hand down my back until it reached my ass, which he squeezed tightly and I groaned at the feeling of his nails biting into the skin of it. "-but you still did it and before I fuck your memories back into you, I want you to feel my pain."

Before I could prepare myself, he brought the whip down against my back, while turning up the speed of the vibrator at the same time. I screamed at the fiery pain that ignited across my back, which turned into pleasure as the vibrator brought back the tightening in the pit of my belly.

The next lash had me clenching hard and I yanked my rope-tied wrists, the pleasure so intense, it almost felt unbearable. "Eliezer." I moaned, arching my back when he started kissing the area he abused. He kissed down my back until he got to my ass and I yelped when he bit one cheek, laving the pain away with his tongue.

"That's right. Say my name. I'll have you screaming it soon."

I was beyond wet. I could feel it starting to drip down my thigh, unable to stay inside me. My pants started to turn into gasps when Eli turned the vibrator up all the way, the thick phallus seeming to move inside me at incredible speed.

My orgasm was approaching quickly, building up to a point where I didn't know what was up or down. I could feel the intense pressure weighing down on me, and I almost felt like I had to use the bathroom, but I knew my bladder was as empty as my brain at the moment.

I couldn't think. All I could do was feel. Feel the whip crack against my skin repeatedly, knowing it was going to leave marks if I didn't let them heal. The fake penis working its magic inside me, bringing pleasure I hadn't felt in a long time. The familiar brush of Eli's hands across my skin, leaving a burning trail as he did.

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