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The year is 2019, scientists and engineers have found a way to build a submarine capable of withstanding the immense pressures of the Mariana Trench, scientists and experts are sent into a mission to reach the challenger deep, it isn't the first time in history someone's done this, in fact, this was done twice, but technology has improved way more since, and this time, it's safer.

"You realize that we're about to go to the deepest part of the world's ocean? The western Pacific Ocean? I mean, it reaches a maximum depth of about 10,994 meters, we might die today but no one's a tiny bit worried." Jack says to Chris.

Chris nods and takes a sip from his beer, not really focused on what Jack is saying.

"Are you guys done? We've been waiting for you for ages, we want to eat dinner" Monica says.

"Why are you guys even waiting for us?" Chris replies.

"We're doing this thing where we want to get to know each other better, apparently, it'll be useful for when the mission starts." Mon explains

It made sense, this was the biggest thing to happen on planet earth ever since Apollo 11. They grouped up a bunch of, well, everyone. From specialists to experts.

Chris, Monica, and Jack walk to the dining room, to be greeted by 2 people. They sit down without making noise, the room goes minutes without anyone talking, until,

"Okay, I'll start with this whole knowing each other thing. I'm Jennifer, I'm 30. I'm an expert in carnivorous aquatic animals. I've been bitten by a coral reef shark and a tiger shark, both extremely painful, I started paying attention after those incidents occurred, and haven't been bitten by anything since. Ever since I was bitten by that coral reef shark, that took a chunk out of my leg. I was obsessed with aquatic animals, specifically carnivores. Weird, I know." Jennifer said.

"Okay then," Jack stood up. "I'm Jack, I'm 27 years old, I study Herbivorous aquatic animals, I love nature, and the one thing that really gets me is a calm, peaceful, and majestic creature swimming in the water. I love how they behave, and luckily, Chris can help us with their behavior."

"Thanks Jack, I'm Chris, I'm 32 years old, I specialize in aquatic animal behavior. I've been studying their behavior for years. I like alcohol, and if you do too, then we might just be best friends." Chris said.

Jack proceeds to whisper to Chris, "That wasn't necessary "

"You guys talked about your whole life, I thought I'd say a random fact about me." Chris replies, before being interrupted by a coughing Monica.

"I'm Monica, I'm 25 years old, I'm an oceanographer, basically, I study the ocean. I just love how mysterious the ocean is. You never really know what's down there, we know more about our moon than our ocean, only 5 percent of the ocean has been explored. There could be giants down there and we might never even know." Monica says and sits down.

"I am Griffin, you can call me Griff, I'm the captain of this submarine, see, three years ago, we would need three people to drive this submarine. Nowadays, It's just me and that GPS. I realize I need to retire soon, I'm 42 years old." He says and sits down, followed by more dreadful minutes of silence.

"You lads ready for tomorrow? I've actually seen the submarine." Griff says.

"So, how's it like? Do you think it's safe enough to withstand the high pressure when we are down there?" Monica asks Griff.

Jack really isn't focused, he's thinking about the experience he's about to have. Tomorrow was a big day for him, he really wants to discover a new herbivore, actually, he just wants to discover a new animal. He wants to see something new, he just wants something new to do in his job. He's sick of looking at the same exact animals every day of his life and examining what they are and what they do, he wants something new.

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