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Give you all I am...

Give you all I am

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Paul's smirk dropped as did Ana's, his mouth fell open as he took a few steps back. "Who?" His tone was now hostile as he glared everywhere and at everyone except Ana. She didn't say anything, instead she took a few steps back and looked down at the ground.

"Ana, don't you dare say-"

"Jasper Hale? What're you going to do about it? You're not my brother or dad or even boyfriend for that matter." Paul looked hurt at her words and let his head drop. "Anyway, who are you to judge? You don't even know them!" Almost immediately Ana felt guilty.

"Well," Paul paused as he ran a hand through his hair. "I see where I stand in your life, do I call you my friend still or just somebody I know?" That said Paul ran off into the rain. Ana stood there as she watched him run off.

Though she did say how it was to Paul, guilt had flooded her senses. She never meant to hurt Paul in a thousand years, she did care for him, just not as much as she did Jasper. Ana had emotions all over the place and the one thing she needed right now was a distraction to take her mind away from it.

Jasper: I'm picking you up form your house, we are playing baseball.


Jasper placed the baseball cap onto her head and intertwined their fingers. Ana couldn't help but beam in happiness, the two walked onto the field as Carlisle decided who was batting first. Esme turned around and pulled Anastasia into a hug whilst letting Jasper get on a team.

"Good to see you, Ana." Anastasia gave Esme a warm smile as the two walked over to where Bella was standing. "Call them as you see them girls." Emmett stopped and rolled his eyes playfully. "She thinks we cheat."

"I know you cheat." Esme corrected. Ana laughed and shook her head lightly, the brunette lifted her head and met the gaze of none other than Jasper Hale but he looked a little more pissed at the moment than happy.

"It's time!" Alice shouted knocking Ana out of her trance, Jasper stood up on the batting stands and waited as Alice threw the ball. The ball soared through the air at an alarming pace and as soon as Jasper hit the ball the sound of thunder cracked through the air.

Jasper ran across each bay and was still in before the opposing team could catch him out. "I see why you play when the weather is like this." Ana mumbled as Jasper wrapped his arms around her waist. "We need to talk later." Jasper whispered in her ear and passed the bat on.

The same thing happened again and again but this time Rosalie had a murderous glare as she ran towards Bella and Ana. Edward thew the ball and Esme hit the stump catching Rosalie out. The blonde looked at Bella with a glare. "You're out."

Rosalie growled but walked off the pitch. "Good kitty." Carlisle mumbled as alice froze on the middle of the field. "Stop!" She yelled as everyone huddled around her. "They were leaving, but they heard us." She murmured. Jasper grabbed Ana and pulled her closer to him as he watched Alice intently. "Who heard us?" Carlisle asked calmly but a slight panic in his tone.

"Other vampires." In that moment three vampires emerged from the forest. A redhead, a blonde and a raven haired man. They stopped a couple of meters away as the redhead lifted the ball and passed it to Carlisle.

"Thank you." He spoke as he lowered his arm. The raven haired man took a step forward and grinned. "I'm Laurent, this is James and Victoria. Could you use three more players?" He asked. Jasper let a low growl fall from his lips and into Ana's ear making her shudder and move closer to him.

"Yes, some of us were leaving." Carlisle answered as he gave Jasper and Edward a sharp look before throwing the ball. Victoria caught it and smirked. "I'm the one with the wicked curve ball." Ana looked up and Jasper and grabbed his hand into her small pale one.

"Come on, Jazz." Ana said as she tried to tug onto his arm. Though Jasper did not move, despite of Ana asking. "James." Laurent said, his tone laced with a warning. James swiftly turned and started heading back, but stopped as a gust of wind blew through the two humans' hair.

"You brought snacks?" James asked as he flicked his head. The Cullen clan surrounded Ana and Bella in a defensive manor, all hissing and spitting at the three rogues. "You brought humans?!" Laurent asked in disbelief at the Cullen's.

"I see that we are not wanted here, James, Victoria. We will take our leave now." Laurent stated as he turned around, the two vampires trailing behind reluctantly. "Jasper, Edward. Get these two out of here, now!" Carlisle ordered.

Within seconds Ana was thrown over Jasper's shoulder and Bella was being dragged by Edward. "We shouldn't have brought you here." Edward barked as he forcefully shoved Bella's seatbelt on. Ana's seat hit the backseat gently as she placed the seatbelt on in a hurry, Jasper taking a seat beside her.


Ana slammed open the front door of her house and ran up the stairs almost immediately. "Hey, Ana! What happened?!" Rowen yelled as he chased his sister up the stairs. Ana ignored his calls and stopped outside of her door, thinking of what to say here.

"Answer me, I am your brother!" He pleaded as he stood behind her. Ana turned around to face him with tears brimming her eyes. "I hate it here, Rowen. I don't want to stay here." She said as she opened her door then closed it.

Rowen stood outside and called out. "Well, we live here now." Ana didn't answer but opened the door with a bag in hand and headed into the bathroom to collect some things. "You live here, I'm leaving."

Rowen froze at her words, his face contorting of anger and sadness. "You are not leaving, Anastasia, and that is final." He hissed as he attempted to take her bag from her. Ana let a growl escape her lips and pulled her bag back from his grip.

"I am leaving, you have no right to keep me here! I'm going back to Florida, maybe stay with some friends. I hate it here!" She spat as she stormed down the stairs, Rowen not far behind. He grabbed her wrist making her head turn to look at him with an expression only known as rage.

"You can't just - Please stay. I - I'll be a better brother, I'll do anything. I'll give you all the attention I could possibly give, give you all I am. Please." He pleaded as a tear streamed down his cheek. Ana chocked on the air but put her facade back on, though her eyes were teary and her heart was breaking.

"I don't want you, you aren't mom and dad." That said Ana slammed the door closed behind her, the only sound she could hear from the house was the chocked sobs of her brother. Jasper grabbed her hand and gently placed her into the car and sat beside her.

His hands held hers captive as he drew small circles on Ana's hand. The brunette chocked out a sob and cuddled into Jasper's chest as all the tears spilled.

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