Say It.

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Third person's POV.

"Dad I'm telling you I'm not going to stay there more than a month." She said while packing her stuff.

"Okay okay but please I want you stay there with love." Her dad said and she made a face.

Her father looked at his wife who blinked her eyes to calm him.

"Muntasha beta listen." Her mother went closer to her.

"Yes mom." She said and turned to her mother.

"You'll love there." She said but Muntasha sighed and again start packing her luggage.

Muntasha Ahsan Gilani was the girl who lived with her parents in London since she was 5. Her father came to London and then never went back to his beloved relations.

"Muntasha you'll love there." Her mother said abd she just shrugged her shoulder.

"I don't know but I'll just stay only a month there." She said and zipped up her bags.

"And if you'd Changed your mind then!?" Her mother asked again.

"Nothing is going to make me change my mind." She answered and took mobile.

"We'll see darling." Her mother said and smiled.


"Finally I'm in my country." Mr Ahsan Gilani said as he stepped out of airport with his son Ibrahim,daughter Muntasha and with his wife.

"Yes its good to be back." His wife said and he smiled.

But both siblings were looking around. They were not happy but also not sad. They were always far from their country and relatives so they didn't know the value of beloved relations.

"Come." Mr Ahsan said and they hired a car.

Their journey started to the place where a lot of relations were waiting for them. Finally they reached the defence society of Lahore. This area was clean and beautiful. Beautiful houses were there with beautiful atmosphere. Their car entered a house. And Muntasha came out with her parents and brother.

"Welcome." She heard voice and turned.

A crowd was there to receive them to welcome them. she considered them a crowed.

"Ami Jaan." Her father went to a lady who was in her sixties and hugged her.

Both cried and  she just keep looking at them. Her mother went to meet them all but she was standing like a statue trying to understand where to start.

"Assalam-o-alikum." She heard and turned and saw a girl of her age standing next to her.

"I'm Zariya." She said and offered her hand and she held it to shake.

"I'm Muntasha." She introduced herself and  both smiled.

"Tashi what are you..." Muntasha's brother Ibrahim came to them and asked but his words stuck to his throat as his eyes landed on the beautiful girl standing next to his sister.

"Yes Bhai." Muntasha said and he came to his senses.

"Nothing. calling you." He said and she nodded.

Zariya could feel his gaze on her which made her nervous all of sudden. She held Muntasha's hand and went inside avoiding Ibrahim and his gaze. He sighed and followed them with a small smile on his lips.

"Bismillah come beta." Her grandmother called her.

She went to her and sat next to her. Her uncle aunties and all cousins were around her. First time ever she was witnessing the love of a family. She was with them for last ten minutes and she start enjoying their company. She forgot her own words to not be friendly with them and now was getting in them as a family.

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