I Want This Part 6.

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Three days later....

We kept our deal and stayed in bed for the whole time we were here and I honestly couldn't have wanted it any other way. The way Y/n made me feel was something I haven't felt ever and the things she did to me. I couldn't help but lost in her at times during our love making. The way she kissed me made me feel loved. The way she held me made me feel protected.

We literally spent out time here sleeping, eating and making love. We never left the room unless it was to get food and that was it. We didn't even answer our phones or even look at it. Everything about this trip just made me feel different and it made me fall in love with her more. 

Hailey:"Baby"I giggled as she left small kisses on my neck making me feel ticklish.

Y/n:"Yes?"She asked still kissing my neck.  I giggled and moved away from her a little.

Hailey:"Didn't you get enough of me?"I asked looking at her. She smirked and shook her head.

Y/n:"I don't think I could ever get enough of you...have you seen yourself"She said making me blush and shake my head. We were currently laying in bed watching movies on Netflix.

Hailey:"I still can't believe all we did was eat,sleep and...you know"I said blushing a little at the end. She chuckled and laid back smiling.

Y/n:"Yeah...maybe we should do it more"She said winking at me making me blush even more. I hit her chest making her chuckle and pull me on top of her.

Hailey:"Horny teenager"I said making her smirk and nod.

Y/n:"Duh...have you seen my girlfriend"She said making me giggle and shake my head. She sat up straight and pecked my lips"I wanna take you somewhere"She said looking at me making me raise my eyebrow.

Hailey:"Where?"I asked eyeing her.

Y/n:"It's a surprise...and since it's our last night here I wanna make it special"She said resting her hands on my hips making me nod and peck her lips.

Hailey:"Okay..."I said making her smile and peck my lips.

Y/n:"Dress comfy"She said making me nod and get up. I looked at the room and sighed looking at all the clothes thrown everywhere including the few shirts I kinda tore off Y/n. Don't judge! It was in the heat of the moment thing. I went to the bathroom and ran the shower stepping under it letting the hot water relax my muscles. I let my mind drift off the the many moments we shared throughout this trip.

The sweet kisses and cuddles that I craved everyday of my life. The intense and mind blowing love making we would make till the next day and continue till we were completely exhausted but would still go at it after a few minutes. We must off had sex in every single room in this house. I turned the shower off and wrapped the towel around my body walking out the room.

I walked out the room and saw all the clothes that were scattered around the room picked up and placed in the couch we had in our room. I felt someone wrap their arms around my waist and kiss my neck making me smile.

Y/n:"I thought it would be nice to actually find our clothes...."She said making me giggle"But I think I need to buy more"She said making me blush.

Hailey:"Yeah....I'm sorry about that"I said blushing. She chuckled and turned me around.

Y/n:"You really don't have any patience babe"She said making me blush even harder. She chuckled and pecked my lips"I'm gonna go shower"She said making me nod.

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