What Women do

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Once upon a time, there were six married women who decided to form a club. It was gonna be a women's club for women to promote their independence and feminism. The women who started this club were: Eni, Gina, Tola, Fumi, Mary and Tony. They were wives of very rich nigerian men, and money was the least of their problems.

Lets start with Eni(picture on the right). Eni Aletimi, wife of the famous businessman, Bode Aletimi. Eni was loud, pompous and everything had to be classy. She loved to shop and spend money like it was nothing. She lived in a large mansion with her husband, Bode and their three kids, Daniel, Abigail, and Pelumi. Eni lived large and so did her kids. They were always spotted with the latest trends. Life was a party for them. Also living with them, was their five maids, 2 nannies, and 4 security men. The gardners came in the mornings and left before evening.

Eni grew up as an only child in a rich home and as you can tell, she would not stoop so low as to marry a pauper or an average guy. She was spoilt by her parents and she pratically bought her way through school. Not that she was stupid, but she was stupid. It is arguable, either side. All in all, Eni's motto was, "Money rules."

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