The Day

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Title: The Day

Genre/Sub-Genre: Science Fiction/Lost World

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Status: Complete

Written ByAngusEcrivain 

Tags Used: conspiracy creatures dinosaurs experiment military navy sci-fi ocean stonepunk timetravel time-travel


Following an unknown event, 600,000 people are somehow transported back to the Jurassic Era. For them, life has turned into a matter of survival...

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	Cover Copy:

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I admit, before reading Tevun-Krus #39, I wasn't all that into the Lost World. I have to thank Ooorah again for broadening my horizons. And what better place to dive in than with The Day by AngusEcrivain?

When I saw the title of the first chapter, I remember thinking, "Surely that doesn't mean what I think it does." You'll have to check it out to see if it did. Even with multiple characters, I felt the world building, backstory and setting itself was a plus for me. The details were enough to show me they'd been well researched without feeling overwhelmed with information.

The flow of the chapters worked for me as well. I found them to be a great mix of character interaction and the views the reader got of the dinosaurs in their element made me feel like I was watching something from Animal Planet. I also like that the gory details weren't overblown. I would've hated to have to put this story down because of the cringe factor. As the story progressed, I found myself wanting to keep reading to see what happened. The different situations introduced left me thinking about plenty of what-if scenarios and that's something I like when I'm reading something in a genre I'm not terribly familiar with.

My favorite characters in the story were Doc Susan and Billy, with Eddie and Polly taking up a close second. Each person has a story to tell and the different perspectives worked well.

There were a couple of spots that seemed to work out too perfectly for my liking. My only other complaint would've been to read more. I'm surprised to hear me saying that given how limited my time can get. But given the twist at the end, I found myself asking so many questions that I want to know more about. A sequel short story would be nice. :)

Despite their personal issues they were there for each other when it was needed and I think that counts for a lot.

I highly recommend this story. The day you start reading it will most certainly be the same day you finish it.

Reviewed By: Anon

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