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**** CAROLINE'S POV ****

I paced the room and thought about every possible thing that could be happening at James place right now. Aaron said he's going to give James 'what he actually deserves', but that simple statement could mean so many things.

He was angry yesterday, and so stayed away from home for the entire day, driving. But today he was not just angry, he was furious.

He even broke my phone, as if his phone was not enough for the damage. I could have called him and asked him about what he was planning to do if he wouldn't have thrown it away.

I'm not really concerned about James right now, I'm worried about Aaron. I don't want him to do anything he'll regret later and more importantly, I don't want him to get into trouble because of me.

James is a pathetic human. He made my life hell, he made my mother's life hell and if that wasn't enough he tried to damage Aaron's life. He befriended Aaron's dad just because he wanted money. How can a person like him really exist!

My chain of thoughts were broken by a knock on the door. I opened it and saw Nina standing there with a poly bag in her hand.

Nina is the housemaid. She along with all the other people working in this house are very friendly and cheerful and provide an amazing company to me.

"A man came and said, Mr. Woodwords ordered to give this to you" she said. I took the bag from her hand and looked inside it.

There were two boxes of brand new cell phones. I sighed seeing them and took out one of the box.

"Thank you" I said. Nina smiled and went downstairs.

I kept the bag and the box on the table and picked up the sim card that was lying on the floor, along with all the broken plastic and glass pieces. Inserting the sim inside the phone, I did the required settings.

Once the phone was working properly, I opened my contact list and was about to dial Aaron's number when a different call popped up.

I was extremely worried about Aaron and so I was about to cut the call without seeing the caller id, but I didn't. Maybe because, the caller id was missing. It was a private number.

Swiping the green light on the screen, I took the phone to my ear, "Hello?" I said cautiously.

"Why are you speaking in this tone?" Dylan said, mimicking my voice and tone.

"Why the hell is your number a private number?" I said, irritated. I was so confused and shocked for a split second seeing the private number, who won't?

"This is my office phone, darling. It has always been a private number. Anyway, how have you been?" He asked in a cheerful voice.

"Good, but I'm going crazy right now. I need to call Aaron urgently. I will call you after some time. Sorry brother" I said apologetically.

We hardly get time to talk to each other. The last time we met, or even talked, was at my wedding. Whenever I call him, it goes to voice mail and this man never calls me back.

"Oh wait. Don't call Woodwords. He's busy with a very important task, so... Do. Not. Disturb" Dylan said in a stern voice.

"How do you know?" I asked, curiously.

"I talked to him a few minutes ago. He was going to my favourite place, to meet my favourite people. I wish, I could come and visit them too, but no worries, I'll enjoy from here. I'm just glad that I'm contributing something in this holy task" Dylan said. He sounded very happy, the kind of happiness that is not very usual.

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