~Imagine 8 Part two~

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I walked slowly to the camera and sat on my bed, but I hid my face behind my hands.

- Are you okay y/n?, Charlie asked.

- Y-yeah I'm fi-f-fine, I sobbed. The tears came back.

- Take your hands away from your face, Leondre said. He sounded really worried, now I feel bad for him.

I moved my hands away from my face and put them on my bed. I felt exposed. I didn't want them to see me like this, broken/ sad/ hurt.

I saw their eyes watering so I knew I had to say something.

- Don't worry about me, I finally said.

- We need you to tell us exactly what's going on, Charlie said.

- Y/n?, Leo asked.

- Yes?, I asked back. I begged the lord that he wouldn't ask 'that' question.

- Are you being bullied?, he asked with a serious expression on his face. He asked it. What should I do?

I couldn't answer the question. So I let my facial expression do it, I started crying like hell.

Every memory of me being hit in the hallway, kicked to the ground, heard mean words. Every memory came back, they came back like aeroplanes and landed in my brain.

I was cut off my thinking by Leo speaking up.

- We're coming home, now. He said.

This is exactly the thing I didn't want to happen, they're disappointing their fans because of me.

- Don't. I don't want to ruin your tour. I said back.

- I don't care about the fucking tour, my best friend is being bullied and is crying right in front of me. We're coming home now, Charlie said.

I was surprised. I've never heard him swear before.

- I won't let you come home because of me. If you want me to be happy, live your life. Be with your bambinos and have fun on tour, just don't let me ruin your tour time. Please I beg you. Don't come home, I said.

Then I hung up.

*Three weeks later*

My friends listened to me a little too much.. Ever since I told them not to worry about me and not to come home they haven't talked to me. I felt alone.

And about the bullying, it's worse now. Now the bullying doesn't end in school. It's online too.
They're sending me messages like:


'the world would be a better place without you',

'people like you are the reason that the world is terrible',

'just kill yourself already'

I had a lot of scars by now. Every night when I can't sleep I always go to my bathroom and cut a few lines. It hugged so bad but the pain felt so good.

But the worst thing about everything is that I have actually nothing to live for anymore.
A few weeks ago I had that little hope that my best friends would help me trough this. I guess I was wrong.

I send them messages all the time but they never answer. I try to call them on Skype but it seems like they've blocked me.


I sat in my bed and went trough Instagram when I saw a post from someone in my class.

"Omg, can you believe this pic? Hahahah lmao she's such a slut"
And as you may have guessed. It was a picture of me.
I didn't really care at first but then I looked at witch people who have liked it and I saw some names I didn't expect..

'Liked by @ suhtorii, @ realcharlielenehan and 321 more"

I didn't know what to do. I thought they were my fucking friends.. This is enough. The two only reasons I was still alive had disappointed me to fucking much. I knew what I had to do.

I had to end my life.


Omg, cliffhanger mohahahah!!!
Part three is coming soon!!!! I think I'm going to do like 4/5 parts of this. What do you think? Vote if you want me to do more of this imagine.

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