Watching Other People Succeed

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I wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, I haven't gotten any messages from any of the boys beside Daniel asking how I was and he missed me, I said the same back to him but that was really it. Today I'm hanging out with Alice, we're gonna get lunch and coffee at Starbucks, catch up that type of thing. In the time I haven't hang out with her she got a boyfriend, so I'll be asking her about that. After showering and brushing my teeth and hair, I Dutch braid my hair and out on  blue washed high waisted jeans and a whaite crop top, also getting my black and white spray jacket from Nike. I decide not to put any make up on today as I don't feel I can be bothered. I get in my car and meet Alice at Starbucks.

Once I arrived I order a hot choclate and a sandwich and we started talking.

"So tell me about this boyfriend of yours Alice"

"His really kind and sweet, he brought me flowers for our first date" she lights up as she talks about her date and it makes me feel jealous and that I haven't that twinkle in her eyes she has right now.

"What about you anything happend?"

"Jack and I kissed but then I found out there was a girl back home he liked"

"Where's Jack and the boys now "

"Back home, were they all live when there not together "

"Oh B I'm sorry , have you been on a date ?" Alice puts her hand on my shoulder over the table.

"No , we've been out together for walks and stuff but never a date"

"Well the first thing you need to do is plan a date with you and him" she looks excited.

"I dont want to do that, he tried kissing me and I pulled away and if anything happens and he tells me, it's going to make it awkward, right now I don't want to think about him " I take a bite out of my sand which looking down.

"I need to do a project for school can I use your recording studio please?"

"What project"

"Music, I have a song to cover and I completely forgot intill now " she begs , For one Alice doesn't have music class, so what is she up to.

"Alice you don't have Music " I look her dead straight in the eye.

"It's for the school play"

"The school play doesn't audition for another month "

"I wanna be prepped "

"Fine we can but I'm not helping you "

We get back to mine and she walks straight into the recording studio. Into the booth and plays the song she's doing. Alice can sing also but she's never really been into music. But she has the sudden interest in it, it's probably her new boyfriend his into it, so is she. I don't question it I just sit there and listen. And watching other people succeed while I sit here failing misably.

Jack's POV

I've decided not to tell Bella, nothing really happened I guessed so why tell her ?. I'm scrolling through social media and I see a video of Alice singing in the recording studio, saying wish I could be as good as her. I bet she is as good as Alice, better even. Time will tell when she sings one day and I can't wait till that day. I get a call so I answer it.

"Autumn what's up?"

"Do you wanna hang out today?"

"Can we later, I'm hanging out with the family today"

"Um sure, I'll see around 6 if that works for you"

"It does see you later"


After the phone call I get a message from Bella.

B: hey, haven't spoke in a little bit, how are you?.
J: I'm good, miss you though ❤️
B: miss you too.
J: what are you doing today?
B: Jack me and you have to talk when you get back.
J: can we talk now?.
B: I rather we not, I'll see you when you get back, bye
J: bye.

I don't know what's it about but it's worrying me. It's six o'clock now and I'm meeting up with Autumn to get dinner. This is how are conversation started.

"Jack I like you, a lot and I want to know if you like me back?"

"I do but there's someone back in La"

"Do you like her more then me?" She looks right into my eyes

"I don't know"

"She's not here right now Jack and I'm gonna do this either way" she leans in and kisses me and I don't pull away, I don't think I want to either. Is that bad? We ended up going  a little further. We're gonna see we're this takes us.

Plot twist, you probably hate me for Autumn kissing Jack but I needed a bit of drama. And there's more to come. Please keep voting and keep enjoying. I'll see you in the next chapter

Bye for now

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