Chapter 5

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Imran's Pov

After sometime the doctor came out of Zoya's room. We all rushed to her.

"Doctor what happened? How is she now?". Dad asked and we all waited for her reply.

"She is fine physically. She has little weakness but she will recover her from it soon. But—"

"But what?". I asked.

"But she is mentally disturbed. She is so scared about whatever happened in the mall. Just try to make for happy, she will recover soon. She is sleeping right now because of the injection I gave her". The doctor said and left us.

"Only one person can sit inside". The nurse said to us when she came out of Zoya's room. We all nodded and she left.

"I will sit inside". Mom said and took a step towards the room but I stopped her by holding her arm.

"Mom you can sit inside but please first go and eat something. You haven't ate anything from hours". I said worring about her health.

"No, I don't wanna eat anything". She said.

"Mom, Imran is right. You should eat something or else you will be sick". Fahad bhai said.

"No please, I'm not hungry". Mom said.

After sometime, with great difficulty, she agreed to eat. Fahad bhai took dad and mom to the cafeteria whereas I went inside Zoya's room.

As soon as I entered her room, I saw her lying unconscious on the bed. It hurts to see her like that. I sat on the chair and waited for her to wake up.


Zoya's Pov

I slowly opened my eyes. I noticed, I was in the same room. Suddenly I felt someone keeping a hand on my hand. With a jerk I pulled my hand away and tried to sat up but failed.

"Zoyi relax, it's me". I heard Imran bhai's voice. He stood up from the chair he was sitting on and came in front of me. I signed in relief.

"What happened Zoyi? Are you okay?" He asked in concern. I slowly nodded at him making him exhale heavily.

He helped me to sat up on the bed and sat opposite to me. He took my hand in his. "Zoyi, I'm really very sorry. I'm not a good brother. It was all my fault. I—"

"Imran bhai please, please don't say that. You are the best brother anyone can ever ask for. I am blessed to have you as my brother". I said then crossed my arms in front of my chest, showing  him my fake anger. "Don't ever dare to say that, otherwise—".

He looked at me with a small smile. "Otherwise what?". He asked.

"Otherwise I—I will not talk to you". I said and looked away.

"You will never change". He murmured with a smile.

"I heard it". I said still looking away from him.

"Okay fine, you win". He said and I looked at him while smiling. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him tightly. He hugged me back while kissing my forehead.

We pulled apart from each other. He looked at me. "Zoyi, if I ask you something, will you answer me honestly". He asked.

"Yes bhai, what is it?". I asked.

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