#TeamEcrivain - Part Six: How to Remake the World

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Ocean Deep: How to Remake the World

by AngusEcrivain

"Well that was, different..." said Leanne as the show's credits rolled. She could not help but tap her foot to the theme tune, a track that sounded incredibly similar to a piece of music by Alchemist, a band she had discovered on a mixtape whilst she, Jake and Ollie had been exploring a wrecked submarine a couple of years prior.

"It airs in a couple or three universes or y'know, variations of it anyways."

"That's an awful lot for me to get my head around... The multiple universes thing, I mean." She paused, accepting the offer of an Ecrivain's Special. She just about managed to prevent herself from spewing a lung onto the deck, however that was at the expense of the well-being of her eyes and those stung and watered to buggery.

Having taken a moment to regain her composure she asked, "How many universes are there?"

"Come with me an' I'll show you," Mac replied with a grin. "Tracy; prepare the Chamber of Worlds."

"That almost sounds ominous..." Leanne muttered as she followed Mac from the bridge and along a wide, well-lit corridor.

"You just wait," replied Mac over his shoulder. "Ominous don't even cover it."

Well when you're right you're right... Leanne was unable to vocalise that thought, such was the sheer awesomeness of the sight laid out before her. Countless worlds literally lined themselves up as she watched, moving in perfect synchronization with each other. Lights of a trillion different colours shone, illuminating the Chamber casting the most wondrous of light shows upon the walls and ceiling, if such things even existed and in truth, Leanne was not entirely sure they did. She felt as if the Chamber of Worlds went on forever, as if it was the be all and end all, the culmination of absolutely everything and nothing...

"Y'know technically, this room's only a six by six," said Mac, conversationally. "Yup... Smaller than your average garden shed."

"It's breathtaking..."


Over the course of the next few weeks and months, Leanne accompanied Mac and Tracy on what really was quite the whirlwind tour of the Multiverse. She lost count of how many universes they visited after the sixth or seventh, but it was whilst enjoying a meal of some kind of meat, a delicacy local to one of the more habitable regions of an otherwise arid, desert version of Earth, that a thought struck her.

"What happens when universes and realities merge?"

Mac almost choked on his food, such was his surprise at Leanne's question.

"It's, erm... Well it's never good," he replied, moments later. "They're separate for a reason and on those occasions they do merge you're talkin' death, destruction and chaos. I mean you gotta' remember, reality is more than just Earth; it's the entirety of everything."

"But it can happen?" she asked, insistent. "It can be done?"

"Aye." Mac sighed. "Aye, it can be done and it has been done... Think back to the most destructive events in history, because the vast majority of those were a direct result of merging realities."

"Don't you think it's worth it though?" Leanne asked, lowering her head to take a bite of the sweet, dry meat. "I mean, if these last few months with you have shown me anything it's that life is so much richer and fuller if your entire planet is not an ocean. Fresh vegetables and red meat were alien to me but now... Now I can't imagine life without them and they're such simple things."

Mac did not reply, but Leanne was not at all perturbed by his silence or at least, if she was she did not show that was the case.

"Can you do it, Mac? Can you instigate a reality merge?"

"Aye," he replied, shaking his head. "Aye, I can, but..."

"No buts, Mac." Her eyes were wide, her expression pleading and hopeful. "Please, Mac... Help me remake my world..."

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