England, 1912

Maximilian POV

The streets are dusty and cold. I've recently come back from France after serving with the army. The fighting has left me scarred and weak. Any noise I hear, I flinch. A touch can make me scream and run, and knives make me insane. My family wants me to be hospitalized at Bedlam. I ran from them, not wanting to be. My family was powerful and rich. I used to live in the Edwards Mansion but ran away. My thoughts are interrupted with a gruff and Cockney accent. "Ey! What you doing here? This here our turf!" I turn around and see two slightly-well dressed men with bowler hats and brass knuckles, ready to fight. "We don't take kindly to freaks who screams like a girl. Charlie, make sure this asshole screams through his torture." one man hissed. Without warning, one man grabbed me while the other one was beating me up. Punch after punch, I was closer to death. God, take me. I'm ready I thought. As my eyes were drifting closer to the precipice of death, both men screamed and were taken away from me. One man was bleeding profusely from his neck and thrown towards the end of the street while another had his head torn off. I ran and fell almost immediately due to my immense pain. I heard footsteps walking towards me. My eyes were closed because of all the pain I was in. The footsteps stopped."Do you want to be saved from your illness?" a voice whispered. "Yes" I replied.  I was picked up from the ground. My neck was tilted. I felt a sharp puncture on my neck. I whimpered in pain. "Shh. Relax. You're now better." the stranger said. My body was aching and trembling. My eyes became clear and was able to see through the buildings. My hearing was able to hear from across town and I felt stronger than ever. "What's happened to me?" I asked. "You have been transformed into something greater. Something that is invincible." I looked at my hands. They weren't trembling. "Who are you?" I asked. "My name is Adam. I'm your brother in arms. We will forever hunt and stalk the night."

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