I'm allergic to vampires! Literally....Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

We sat in his room for hours, simply talking about our lives. I always thought it would be easier to be vampire but Jace proved me wrong. He told me stories of how their cities sometimes got captured by vampire hunters. He talked of slaughters that made me hate every fiber of my being.  

"Now about that prophecy, it seems that two brothers fight and one ends up with you." 

"Does that mean it's you two?" 

"What proof do we have that it is us?" He asked. 

"What proof do we have that it isn't you guys?" He sighed.  

"It can't be that easy." 

"But doesn't it fit perfectly? I mean your vulnerable to me and...." 

"And what?" 

"You said you loved me." 

"It's true." He said, seductively and nuzzled my neck with the tip of his nose. 

"Rayas needed me for something, why would he go to such lengths as to get close to me?" 

"He was trying to kill you." 

"If he was he would have done it way before you showed up at my house." 

"True, but he needs you alive and then he doesn't."

"So that would mean what exactly?" I asked.  

"Rayas needs you to continue on the family's blood line." I gagged, disgusted.  

"Which blood line?" 

"The vampire hunter's legacy." 

"But he told me he was working for the council." 

"He is but that doesn't mean he isn't a double agent." 

"So your on the royal family's side?" 

"Well I don't really have a way out of it." 

"I guess your right." 

"I promise I'll protect you to the best of my ability." 

"Thanks Jace." I leaned up to him and kissed his cheek. "I need to get in contact with my family to assure them I'm ok and they won't use the- oh shit! The tracking device! I forgot all about it!" 

"What? A tracking device?" 

"Yeah it's implanted under my skin." 

"Hell your parents are protective. Where is it? I'll get rid of it." He asked. 

"Right at the base of my neck." 

"Here sit up." I did so and he pulled my shirt off. I blushed, scrambling to cover myself. 

"Sorry but this is going to hurt slightly." He turned me around so my back was to his chest. His finger ran up my spine until and I couldn't feel it any longer. 

"Here right?" He asked, unsure. 

"I guess I can't feel your finger on me." 

"Yep this is it." I felt him kiss my back. "I need you to stay perfectly still or I'll tear the muscle." He pressed his lips to my back once more and bit down softly, it hurt for a good three seconds. Then his hand slid over my stomach and flipped to present me with the tracker. 

"Pesky bug." He murmured and crushed it. He got up and brushed the pieces off his hand into the trashcan.  

"I think I need to go find Riley now." 

"Why don't you check in with your parents? Maybe he's there."  

"Phone?" He blurred and then he was back again, holding a phone out to me. 

"How far are we from my house?" 

"I'd say an hour or so." 

"Oh really? Strange I thought we'd be farther away."  

"Well your estate is only a couple hundred miles away." I dialed my home phone number. It rung a couple times before someone picked up.  


"Riley? Oh God are you all right?" 

"Yeah, I'm fine. I got hit in the head and woke up on the estates door step. They bit me several times and I'm still weak." His voice sounded like he had a dry throat. "Where are you? I've been getting all this shit from your parents." 

"I'm sorry and truthfully I don't know, I'm safe that's all that matters." 

"But I need to come get you, the vampire leaders have already begun a search for you nation wide." 

"Riley I can't leave, I'm sorry." 

"I'll just use the tracker device on you then. I will find you." 

"Too bad it's busted." I hung up. "You might want to destroy this phone, they'll track it." I watched Jace crush the phone in his hand.  

"I don't think it's safe for you here either. We'll have to relocate." I nodded in agreement. The large window shattered, raining glass down on top of us. I closed my eyes, covering myself.  

"Don't move!!!"  

"If you do you'll regret it!" My opened my eyes to find Jace's chest. He had rolled on top of me to protect me from the glass. 

"When I give the signal I want you to run." He whispered. 

"Jace I can't leave you I don't even know if I'm strong enough to do that." 

"You are, don't worry." He slowly pulled me up and we stood next to the bed to face our enemy. Two guys stood before us. One I remembered from the woods, those piercing green eyes scared me, he was so close to biting me. I flinched and Jace slid his hand down to grab mine.  

"Did the council send you?" Jace asked. 

"Yes, it seems she is the one we're looking for." 

"You shouldn't go through with this. Don't you want peace?" 

"Yeah but we want peace do you know how long we've been at war with these pests?" The one with green eyes glared at me.  

"You want to fight go ahead we'll see how far you get!" I shouted, my temper flaring. Jace held me back. 

"Oh yeah well you didn't get even close to so much as lay scratch on me in the woods." I was about to pull out my dagger and slit his throat but Jace stilled me. He smirked. 

"You need to come with us, girly, you've committed crimes against the council already." 

"What crimes?" I spat. 

"You attacked Rayas, one of the council's officials." 

"He tried to fucking rape me! That's self defense!" 

"In our world you would submit to a halfie or vampire no matter what." He said. I groaned. "Let me go Jace there's no way they'd be able to take me down." 

"Sky....I think you should go with them." 


"You heard me, go with them." 

"There's no way-" He tugged my arm hard and pulled me close, his lips to my ear.  

"This is the part where you run." He immediately let go of me and I dashed through the door. 

"Aw hell!" I heard one of them shout. I ran down the hallways, trying to find the exit. I passed through countless rooms until I came across a large foyer and ornate door. I wrenched the door open into the cold air of the night.

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