Chapter 14: Matt

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594th sol- 00:09

John was sitting in the corner and seemed really weak. It looked like he could barely lift his head to see us walking in. When he saw us, he looked scared. "Stop!!! I've already told you!!! I don't now the codes!!!" John yelled at us.

Lily spoke first.  "John, it's really us! We have to go!" She said in a desperate voice. She started to walk towards him.

"No! Get away!" He yelled and seemed to get even smaller even though it didn't look possible. Lily stopped in her tracks.

"Dude, let's go!" I yelled, thinking he was just being an idiot. He just jumped back even further.

Lily looked at him with clear desperation. "John, i-it's really me!" Her voice quavering. "You have to believe me! We need to go now!"

"No! Stop it!" He was screaming hysterically now. "Get away from me!!"

"John, listen to me." Rachel said. It was the first thing she said since we entered. "It's really us. We're here to rescue you." She said, her voice was as steady as she could make it. I was surprised.

"Prove it." John replied he seemed shocked that there was more than just Lily there.

"We all started training together except for Matt. He didn't join us until we finished basic." She told him. "He was held back from advancing because he broke his Femur during a training run. He had been in the hospital for two months before he joined our squad." I could tell she was trying hard now to keep an even voice. "Everyone made fun of him when he joined us. It was right when Lexa had been sent back to Earth because her parents had died in a fighter accident. She couldn't come back because when she went to her grandparents to live there, they pulled her from the program. You convinced everyone we needed Matt to continue as a squad."

John looked absolutely stunned. "Rachel?" He whispered. Then he looked at us. "Lily? Matt?"

"Yes idiot!!" I said from the door. I had moved there to keep watch. "Now we've wasted enough time. We have to go, NOW!!!" I told him, emphasizing the last sentence.

"Yeah, yeah you're right, lead the way." He said in a dreamy voice. He got up and tried to walk but collapsed. Rachel tried her best to catch him before he hit the ground but he still dragged her down a little with him.

"Matt, he's not gonna be able to walk." She said with a strained voice.

"Here, let me take him." I said as I moved to grab him. "This might hurt, I apologize for any future pain I cause you." I told him with a grin. He gave me a thumbs up and I hoisted him over my shoulders fireman style. He grunted a little but otherwise seemed fine. "Let's go." I told them.

We headed out of the room. Rachel, Lily, then me. We got to the elevator and hit the button. "Wait, we should take the stairs." I told them. They looked at me a little worriedly. "Don't worry, I can carry him down the stairs."  I told them. They both nodded and we set off again.

John didn't weigh too much. It was a little worrying that he was so easy to carry. We kept moving. Somewhere around the 40th floor we picked up the pace. "When do you think the bombs will go off?" I asked them, trying to make conversation.

"I dunno, I think Seth said it'd take half an hour to an hour to attach all the charges." Lily responded.

"We better hurry then, once those bombs go off, we're dead." I told them. We kept going. Somewhere around the 30th floor is where it all went wrong.

A blast that shook the building came out of nowhere. There was no warning but we knew exactly what had happened. "That's our cue!" I told them.

"Ohh." Lily whined, "Ok, John, I was hoping we wouldn't need to do this but come here." She pulled a needle out of her bag. 

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