Chapter 17- Confessions

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His hands were clammy, and his voice was hoarse. He just didn't know how to tell her, and she didn't know how to react. She just stared at him and he knew he should keep talking.

"Well, ummm, we were great friends." He said.

He waited for her to reply, but she remained silent.

"He always used to look out for my back and me for him. It's just hard to know that he. . . .passed." He continued.

He took a long pause.

"Continue." She pressed.

"Well, I used to help the gods in many wars and supported them. Until one day, I was . . . .ordered to death." He debated on what he should say and what to not. He didn't want to give away his identity, but that would be difficult considering she's a daughter of Athena. I mean, he's talking to someone who outsmarted Athena's archenemy. "Zeus and some other gods were frightened by my strength. They thought one day I might overtake them."

She instantly gasped. Her eyes widened and her hands covered her mouth while she said, "Per-Percy?"

He was taken aback. What should he do? He didn't want to tell her yet. He shouldn't. He had plans. Luckily, she couldn't see his wide eyes. She would've seen right through him.

"I'm sorry? I heard his name before around here, but you've got the wrong person. Were you guys close?" Percy lied. He hoped she believed him.

"Oh. . . .I'm sorry. Yes, we were really close." Her hopeful eyes died down.

She would've knew that he was lying if she was thinking straight, but her head was clouded with other thoughts of the legendary hero she loved.

"But. . .about Grover. Please continue."

"Well, to kill me, they needed other plans. The only way to do that was to threaten me with my close ones. They caught Grover." It was like Percy was living the nightmare over again. "They, they made me promise. . ." He didn't want to say 'die by Ares' hand, so instead, he said "kill myself".

She looked like she's seen a ghost. She saw many connections between Percy and him, but she couldn't believe it though. She saw Percy die with her own eyes. She saw the shroud and coffin, his motionless body.

". . .Grover told me not to take the promise, even though he was being held hostage by Zeus himself. I took the promise, but Zeus still killed him"

"You didn't take the promise. You're still alive." She said.

"Trust me, I did. I just can't tell you any more than I just did. But I'm telling you, I took the promise."

She could've figured it out, but she wasn't in the right state of mind. The amount of information she just took in was too much for her.

"I should get back to the big house. They're waiting." She excused herself.

As if on cue, a lightning bolt sounded. A bright light engulfed the whole camp. Instantly, Hope stood to his feet.


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