Chapter Fifty

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"Oh my darling I'm so happy for you!" my mother screamed happily from the other side of the phone.

"Aaaaaah! I know! And does this mean yes??" I asked.

"Of course, honey. You have the right to do what you want."

"Thank you so much, mom! You won't regret it. We'll have a good time."

"I know we will dear."

"Okay. I'll call you after I get the schedule from kadij."

"Okay, hon."

"Bye. Love you."

"Love you too."

I hung up with a bright smile on my face.
I then decided to text my boyfriend to tell him the good news.

-Hey love, where are you? I have good news.-

Minutes later he replied.

-Out of campus sweetheart. Will be there soon.-

-Okay meet me in my room.-


I then texted Lucas.

-Luke where r u?-

He soon replied too.


-Can you come now? I have something great to share with you.-

-Sure love. I ain't far from your place. Give me five mins.-


I needed to share the news with people close to me which turned out to be Rick and Lucas. I waited patiently.

There was a knock at my door and Lucas stepped in.

"Hey." I smiled happily.

"Hey." he smiled back and spread his arms for a hug. We hugged each other and went to sit.

"So, what's this great news?" he asked. I smiled.

"I'm realising my dream."

"Hmm, okay. And how?"

I took my time and told him about Kadij and everything.
He stared at me shocked and surprised.

"Oh my, oh my. Harlem, are you serious??"

I laughed at his reaction.

"Hahahaha! Yes, I'm serious Luke."

"Oh my gad!" he stood up and motioned for me to do same. "This is crazy! You are so lucky!" he laughed happily, hugging me tight. I laughed too.

"I know right! And I was so happy when my mom agreed!" I giggled happily against his chest.

"Wow! I still can't believe what–" he cut his sentence short and broke the hug abruptly. He frowned down at me.

"What?" I asked amused.

"This means I might not see you again? Ever again??"

I stared at him silently, not knowing what to say cause he was probably right.

He stared at me too.

"Oh, but fuck that! We'll face time or snapchat! Come here!" he chuckled and hugged me again. I laughed. This was something I liked about Lucas. He was so free and jovial! Someone who always saw the good side of life.

"I'm so happy!" he said, holding my face and making his forehead touch mine, "But I'll miss you so bad. I won't give up either. I'll still find you."

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