1. Broken

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Ciara portrayed as Jetta
The Game portrayed as Trigga

Ima just jump right in with a brief introduction of me. I'm Jetta. Jetta Natasha Wilson is the full name. But I just like Jet to be honest. I'm kinda tall. Slim with a lil apple booty. You know. Something for my girlfriend AD to hold on to. Her name is Akimikoshi Dijonari Lee. See why I call her ass AD? She's been down with me for a minute. I put her own with my bro, Knight's crew shortly after getting with her. Well its this nigga Trigga crew now. He bro too. Trent Brian Jackson. My bro, Knight, went AWOL. We ain't seen him in a minute.

He kind of went off the deep end when my new sis, Patience aka Thickums, let him know they all the way done. She got engaged to this nigga name Marcus. Another bro. I was pissed as fuck lowkey. I mean he the bro! You don't get with the bro. And you definitely don't get engaged to him. But on the flip side, she's happy finally. Knight might be my brother, but he dogged Thickums. I mean really drug her heart through the mud.

Still he's big brother. So I been worried about him. Riding by his house and shit hoping to see him home. But we ain't never been able to get him to the door if he was home. But I guess Thickums had the same idea I did today. She called me up on three way with Trigga saying let's go by and go up in that bitch. So I went head and swerved that way to meet up with everybody.

Trigga was already there when I pulled up. Shortly after Thickums and Marcus pulled up. My neph was in the back sleep knocked out. They got out they ride and we all walked up to the door. Thickums tried it first. But it was locked as usual. Trigga looked around to make sure the coast was clear. Then he grabbed onto the doorknob and crashed his shoulder against the door, knocking it open.

I tried the lights. But they wasn't working. So we all grabbed our cellphones out our pockets and used our flashlights to take a look around. But nobody was downstairs. So we met back up at the bottom of the stairs. And I knew something was wrong. I got this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. I took the first step upstairs and they all followed. A smell started wafting in my nose and the feeling in my stomach grew.

Please God. I know you ain't this sick. I know you ain't man. Please don't let what I think in here be in here. Please!

We reached the top of the stairs and started down the hallway. Now Trigga led the way. He took hold of the door handle of the door the stench was coming from and looked to us. He pushed open the door and I froze for a moment.


There on the bed with a gun in hand was a badly decomposed corpse. It had on my brother's basketball shorts. It had his favorite drink on the end table and a glass with the smudge of someone's mouth. I saw Thickums take off from my peripheral as I heard a scream. Who was screaming?! Where that scream coming from?!

"Jet, I gotchu."

Trigga wrapped his arms around me as my knees went weak. I buried my face in his chest as the screaming became muffled. I was screaming. I didn't even realize. Trigga placed me against the wall before going into the room. Seconds later he returned and got me. We left out that house and he sat me on the hood of his car.

"Wait right here," he whispered looking in my tear-filled eyes.

I nodded slightly and he went over to Thickums. They were all facing away from me. I couldn't hear what was said. But I think he handed her something. I wasn't exactly paying attention. My tears resurfaced ten-fold as Trigga wrapped his arms around me.

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