Chapter Two:

Ally stared.

Frankly, all Ally could do was stare at this point.

Austin was just one of those people that once you looked at him, you couldn’t look away.

It wasn’t just because of how cute he was, it was also his personality. He was just so happy. It was like he spread his happiness just by looking about him.

So, Ally stared. Admiring his bleach blond California hair, and his perfect smile, wishing he was her’s.

She though back to the first time she had laid her eyes on him, the day he stole her song, and played drums with corn dogs. At that moment she never imagined that she would end up friends with him, let alone in love with him!

These days, she couldn’t even remember what life without Austin was like.

“Ally,” Austin said, drawing her out of her thoughts.

“Huh? What?” she asked.

“I asked if you wanted to go to see a movie tonight?”

“As a date?” She wondered out loud.

“As friends,” Austin stated,

Of course. Going on a date with Austin was too good to be true.

Truthfully, Ally wasn’t one for dating.

She just always got so flustered around a guy she liked. She always acted like an idiot. Guys didn’t exactly find idiots attractive.

“oh, yeah, sure,” she replied.

Going on a date with as friends was better than not going on a date at all, so obvious she agreed.

“We could invite Trish and Dez?” he offered.

“Oh, uh, Trish is working,” Ally said making up an excuse.  Trish was not working, she had been fired earlier this day, but what Austin didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. But then again, if Dez went with him, Ally would end up being the third wheel.

“Well, Dez probably won’t want to come, if Trish doesn’t come.” Austin said.

Ally couldn’t help but think that was a lie. Of course Dez would want to come if Trish didn’t come, but she didn’t bother correcting Austin, because, even though she liked Dez, she didn’t exactly want him coming along on there “as friends date”.

“Yeah,” Ally said awkwardly.

“Eight o’clock show okay?”

“Perfect,” she smiled.

Maybe, things would work out this time.

But Ally doubted that.

She highly doubted that.

When seven forty came around, Ally was waiting outside of Sonic Boom for Austin. She was dressed in her new floral skirt and green blouse.

“Hey Ally,” Austin called, with a big smile on his face as he approached her.

“Oh. Hey Austin.” She said, as the two of them started walking in the direction of the movie theater.

“You look nice tonight,” Austin complimented her.

Friends compliment friends all the time, right? It was no big deal.

Except, for Ally, it kind of was a big deal.

But what did he mean by, you look nice tonight. Was he implying that she looked bad at other times?