Chapter 5

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"I'm not sure about this..." Eliza trailed off, avoiding Bianca's eyes.

"But I'm. It's a great idea. Another one, I might add," the redhead said with a smug. She looked at Eliza with her eyebrows raised. When the girl sighed in defeat, Bianca pulled the phone from the pocket. "Is he still in his classroom?"

Eliza focused her eyes and saw the boy talking with his friends in his classroom. "Yeah, he's still there," she said, pressing her lips. The redhead's smile brightened. "Hey, let's not do this now. I don't think I'm ready yet."

Bianca took her eyes from her phone and turned to Eliza. She came closer and sat on the chair next to Eliza's. "Why are you so against this?"

"It's... invading people's privacy more than I'd like," she said, avoiding Bianca's eyes again. "I... I feel like I'd be walking into pervert territory..."

Bianca laughed. "You're saying this now? After all you've seen already?" Eliza blushed and kept her mouth shut; she could not think of a reply. The redhead placed a hand on her cheek and sighed. "But it makes me sad. You're lying to me right now."

"No, I'm... I'm..." Eliza bit her lips.

"I know, I know. You're afraid of letting the great me down, aren't you?"

The smile on her lips annoyed Eliza. "Like I'd care about that."

"There's nothing to worry! You've been working hard all week for today." The redhead ignored Eliza, staring the girl in the eyes. "We could practice a bit more, but you said you don't wanna do it with me anymore..." Bianca hugged herself and averted her gaze, her cheeks red.

"That's because you kept saying weird things!" As Eliza blushed, Bianca made no effort to hide her laugh. One day I'll get her back for all her teasing. Then we'll see who'll be laughing, she thought. As she watched the redhead, the memories flooded back to the girl's mind, despite her efforts to forget.

One day when they were hanging out after school, Bianca came up with the idea of training Eliza. According to her, the eyes alone were already useful, but if the girl improved in some places, she could use her power in a much more interesting, in the redhead's words.

"Improve how?" Eliza had asked, putting the book Bianca had recommended down and turning to her.

The redhead had a sly smile on her lips when she said what was in her mind. After a moment of consideration, Eliza nodded, smiling too.

However, learning how to read lips was far more difficult than they had imagined. Even though Eliza had been working hard, the progress wasn't promising. After reading articles and seeing videos on the internet, she tried with random people, but it was hard to confirm what she read was what they said.

After many frustrated attempts, Eliza gave up and agreed with Bianca suggestion to practice with her. To the redhead's irritation, the girl had avoided that since the beginning for two reasons. Even if they practiced, since they knew each other, it was rather easier to know what the other mouthed and would not be of much use. The other reason, however, was because Eliza firmly believed Bianca would find a way to tease her. After the first practice, she was right.

At first, there was nothing wrong. Bianca did her job, mouthing things slowly and using her hand to cover her mouth so Eliza could try to read. But, as usual, the redhead had too much fun and started teasing her. Mouthing those embarrassing things.

'How old are you?', 'where do you live?', 'what's my name?' and other questions like that. After Eliza voiced it all correctly, Bianca started mouthing 'have you ever kissed a girl?', 'what do you use to pleasure yourself?', 'have you ever touched yourself thinking about me?', 'Did you watch me masturbate that night?', 'I was thinking of you, you know?', 'Am I red down there too?' and other questions like that.

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