Hey I know I just updated. But as an easter gift I now present chapter 11!


Megan’s P.O.V

                ‘What are the frickin odds?’ I ask myself as Ashley smirks at me. Like she of all people is one of Simon’s daughters. ‘Why? Why? Why?’

                “So girls these are my daughters and they will be staying with you during your tour.” Simon leaves to go back his meeting. Erin scans over all of us and she smiles at me.


                “HEY!” All the boys yell and look at me offended.

                “Hey, if the shoe fits wear it. Anyways I’m Megan and you’re Erin and now we are friends.” I say and run over to her and hug her.

                She cringes and yells, “Ughhh touching!” And cringes out of the hug.

                “See I guess you’re smelly too!” Louis yells and sticks her tongue out.

                “Well, Erin I’m just going to start off by saying, if you don’t like touching you aren’t going to like it here. And second I already like you better than your sister,” Isay and point over to Ashley who’s currently off to the side flirting with Harry. I see Harry laugh and shake his curls. ‘Ok so he likes her. I’m fine with that. Not a big deal. Not like he ever meant anything to me. Ever. He’s always been my least favorite. The Hunger Games premiere, yeah everything I said was a lie. And that thing that happened at the end of the commercials meant- wait what am I talking about nothing happened at the movies. We both reached for popcorn that’s it. I mean-‘

                “MEGAN! MEGAN!” I snap out of it and see Erin waving her hand in front of my face.

                “Sorry what did you say?”

                “I said ‘I agree my sister’s a slut’.” She says and glares over at her sister. “Wait how do you know that?”

                “Oh she used to go to my school and tortured me, but now look who’s famous, hmmm?” I say and stick my tongue out at her. She catches me and smirks as she snakes her arms around Harry’s neck.

                “Oh do you and Harry have something going on?” Erin says and wiggles her eyebrows.

                “What? No. What about Niall? I’ve seen you guys waving and looking at each other.” I say and wiggle my eyebrows back.

                “Oh that’s nothing.” She says quite convincingly, but her blush ruins it.

                “Come on you can trust me I mean who am I gonna tell Ashley?” I say and we laugh at that thought.

                “Oh ok, well Niall and I have met a couple of times before and we have always been great friends.” She says.

                “Yeah ok friends. I’m sure.” I chortle.

                “We are frie-“ She starts to say.

                “Ok enough with the chit chat, time to get to the working,” our stage manager, Stephanie says.