Chapter one- Bitten

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 Chapter one; bitten.

 I was in Scotland when my birthday was fast approaching. It had been four years since the blurry night of my run away from the nightmare man, even now I fear he'll find me and cage me once more as he had my entire childhood. Among the tall buildings and suited people that marked Scotland's streets, I noticed a small camping shop. It was time to resupply. I dodged my way past a group of suits only to walk straight into a man who seemed only a few years my senior. His dark hair fell down across his eyes as he looked at me, giving him the look that was like an evil prince when he saw his princess, dark brown; they shone in the bright sun. Slowly he carried on walking, carefully making his way around me.

"Sorry," he mumbled as he passed my side, his voice was rich and musky, making my teenage hormones rage around my body. I walked into the camping shop in a half woken daze, picking up a tent, pillow and thick blanket before paying with a twenty. It was a young woman at the till; she looked no older than twenty herself and already bored of her job here at the slow camping shop. Her silver blond hair was swept behind her in a loose pony tail that still fell half way down her back and through she had a small amount of make up on, it was done expertly.

"Keep the change," I said even thought it was just under half. I walked miles before a large forest came into view, hills lined the horizon, a river that appeared to be nothing more than a thin blue line flowing between and across hills. I followed a trail that led me deep into the dark forest, the trees above me stretched out their arms to block the sun from view, without its rays of light the world was thrown into a deep twilight. It was only a short walk before the area I had scouted the previous day. I pitched my tent furthest from the eyes of the trail that carried on close by. Checking ditches and holes assorted around camp I found my bow and quiver. It was the only thing I'd grown fond of while I was caged by my nightmare man, the only thing I was unable to leave behind in that horror world.

It was still light when I set off to the waterfall, a few minutes’ walk from my camp. The water was warm where it fell in sheets, into a small deep pool waiting for me to jump in and break the surface into ripples. The water was so warm and comforting I soon forgot the time, my worries; even my own name. Soon light left the world to fall into the sweet dusk before blackness, and I soon had to return to camp. The walk returning was quieter than that going, the day quickly became darker and stars came out to wink tiredly at me. I walked quickly as a cold air had already set deep into my bones and I longed for the warmth of my tent. I awoke early the next morning; before dawn had blessed the day with its light. A howl rang loud and clears through the trees, the strong note bouncing off thick trunks. I left the comfort of my tent with my bow and quiver before setting off deeper into the forest. I followed the noise east, to a clearing where shadow seemed alive. The dark began moving, slowly limping toward where the rising sun began to touch the clearing floor. A wolf appeared, his dark brown coat making it seem as though he was the shadow surrounding him. I slung my weapon so it rested over my back and stood unmoving until he came forward, I lifted my hands so they rested at the same height as the wolves muzzle in case he still didn't trust me but it seemed safe. I spoke in hushed tones trying to keep him calm while I looked for injury that may have harmed him. A sticky patch of his fur was brought to my attention above his shoulder. My voice slowly dried up in my throat as I brought my hand to visible conditions. It looked as though I'd dripped my hand to my wrist in red paint.

Suddenly he moved too fast for my human eyes to see in more than a blur. Instinct drove my body to protect itself by putting my arms above my face and curl my knees into my body. Soon I felt a white hot pain shoot around my nerves as I was crushed by the weight of his body. Hot breath pushed loose strands of my hair back over my face. More hot breath, so close I could taste his last meal. Closer to the side of my face his muzzle moved, his sharp teeth glittered in the soft moonlight. He dripped lower still, I felt blood trickle down into my collar bone and pool around my head yet I felt no pain; just numbness. He jumped from me, making gashes though my clothes into my skin. He left the clearing, running toward the rising sun. I pushed myself onto my knees, unable to feel anything but slow numbness. As soon as I pushed on my left hand, my arm collapsed with mysterious lack of strength. I pushed myself up with my right hand instead, swaying as I tried to balance. I tired wiggling my fingers, as I brought my left hand to my face.

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