Twisting Dreams

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A/N- Hey everyone! Here is a new story that I've been writing for awhile, and I decide to post it on wattpad. Leave me a comment telling me what you think of the first chapter!


I wake up to the sound if my alarm clock blaring. I roll over and see its 6 am. I groan and get out of bed, walk to the bathroom and brush my teeth, wash my face, and throw my hair up in a messy bun. I walk back to my room and get dressed in some jeggings, a t shirt and a light pink hoodie. I pull on my uggs and then get my gymnastics bag packed. Yes that's right. I'm a gymnast. Level 10 to be exact. I'm 16 and a junior in high school. I've been asked multiple times to be homeschooled, but I just want to go to school like any other normal girl. But gymnastics is first priority. I train right after school for 6 hours, and 3 hours on Saturdays. I'm training for the elite USA team. That's my ultimate dream. 

I rummage through my drawer full if leotards and pick out my favorite one, a silver one with pink swirls and sequins on it. I stuff it in my gym bag, along with a sweatshirt, yoga pants, hair ties, bobby pins, deodorant, pre wrap, sports head bands, an ankle and knee brace, wrist guards, grips, sneakers, and a water bottle. I swing my gym bag that says "Orlando Elites" in blue lettering, over my shoulder. My gyms colors are blue, white, and black. I pack up my binder and other school supplies in my pink jansport backpack. I grab my wristlet with my keys, cash, gym and school parking pass, and my ID. I carry it all downstairs and greet my mom. 

"Good morning mom"

"Good morning sweetie! You ready for school?"

"Yup" I answer as I pour my self some cereal. 

After breakfast I grab my things, say goodbye to my mom, and get in my car to drive to school. I arrive at school at 7:10. 

"Hey Lexi!!" My best friend runs over and hugs me. 

I greet her back with a hug.

My best friend, Audrey, is also a level 10 gymnast. Out of the 7 girls on my team, she's the only one that goes to my school so were very close. Audrey is one of my only friends at school, I'm a quiet girl, and keep to myself a lot at school. I don't like people knowing I'm training to be elite, but over the years, people have found out. I have a few friends I talk to in my classes, like Vanessa, Lily, and Hailey. But none if them understand my life. They all think gymnastics is just a sport, and I can easily just skip a practice to go to the mall. But there wrong, gymnastics is everything to me, my life, my passion. I train 33 hours a week, I strive for the best I can be. 

When the last bel rings at 2:05 I couldn't be happier, finally it's time to go to practice. I say goodbye to Lily and try to find Audrey. Audrey doesn't have her own car yet so I drive her to the gym and drive her home. I spot Audrey walking towards my car. I say hello and we put our identical gym bags in the backseat. 

"So Lexi, you ready for this weeks practices?" Audrey asks.

This week my coach and assistant coaches are evaluating all level 10 girls for qualifications to elite trials. Only 2 girls can qualify from each gym in the country. It's a huge competition, where every gymnast in the country that qualify compete for one of the 10 spots on the senior elite team. So this week is very intense and important. I've gotten excused from all homework and tests this week so I can focus purely on gymnastics. 

"Yeah I am, a little nervous, but I brought my lucky leotard to wear." I reply.

Audrey laughs "yeah I brought my lucky Leo to. I'm nervous though." 

"We're all nervous. But I'm confident that you and I will be the 2 girls to qualify." I answer.

"We'll we'll find out on Friday."

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