♱Chapter 31♱

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Alec's P•O•V

"What do you mean she's not within the border?!" I boomed at the lineup of guards in front of my desk.

"We've searched every inch of every acre and there is no sign of Raven, my Lord..." One of them spoke feebly in reply. I ran my hands through my hair then clasped them behind my neck.

"Check again." I mandated.

"We already have checked the land multiple times-"

"I said, do it again!" I snapped, slamming my hands against my desk, causing it to splinter in half. I panted, looking at them all like a starving wolf.

"Yes Sir..." They mumbled in reply and hurried out of my office. I sat back in my leather chair and placed my head in my hands.

I tried to calm myself down, but the only way I could ever calm myself down was by thinking of Raven. And the thought of her only triggered a spark of rage in me.

I shot up from my chair and threw it across the room, smashing it into the book shelf. I roared at the top of my lungs, my whole body flaming with bitter wrath.

She was gone. My Soulmate was gone and in the hands of my brother.

He's going to come for me and I know it. And the second he does so, I'm going to kill him.

Raven's P•O•V

One week. Seven days I have counted from seeing the small sliver of light visible from the doorway.

Most of the tall candles had melted down to the core and burnt out, leaving the room even more dim and dreary than before. Who knew what accompanied me in this shadowy cave. I sure as hell didn't want to imagine.

While the days dragged on for what seemed like a hundred hours, I only spoke to DeMalo and Akantha briefly for the first two days and soon the conversations became obsolete after I knew everything they wanted me to know. At most, either DeMalo or Akantha came in to give me something to eat. Which of course I didn't eat a single bite of the mysterious meals they provided. Who knew what Akantha held within them.

They told me everything, down to how they planned to get to Alec and how they planned to beat him.

Yet, for some reason they still kept me here like they hadn't made out their idiotic plan yet.

Almost like DeMalo heard my thoughts, the door screeched open and there he appeared. He walked over to me in quick strides and lowered himself so he could unlock the chain now cuffed around my ankle. At least half way through the week Akantha replaced the tight bonds with a single, spelled chain. So yes, there was no way out of it.

As if I could get past a psychotic Vampire and an all-powerful Witch. I stood no chance getting out of here. With the pent up fear of what was about to come, I focused on the pain of not eating all week. The starving pain was my distraction. If I thought about the hunger gripping my stomach, I wouldn't have to think about what was to happen...

I instantly recognized the cloak draped around DeMalo's shoulders as the one he had used to hide himself the night of my kidnapping. Seeing this, I knew in my gut something was wrong. He unlocked the thick cuff and tossed it away, causing it to clatter against the stone wall.

"What's going on?" I asked as he pulled me to my feet. He looked at me wickedly and placed his ice cold hand on my hip to pull me closer to him. My stomach churned at the feeling of his touch. It sickened me.

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