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You ready to go I asked

No just give me the keys she said

I dug in my pocket and gave her the keys as she walked away grabbing Zyair.


Tristan mom is really nice and his aunties are sweet zay stayed with me all day he wouldn't go to anybody else not even his daddy..

His cousins are annoying as hell they kept asking me was my hair fake and was I wearing contacts then they had the nerve to talk about my height so I got up and left and sat in the car

I drove to the store and got some hot fries and a brisk and a large slim Jim

Then I got some stuff for Tristan fat ass

I leaned the seat back and laid Zyair on my chest running my fingers through his curly hair.

About 20 minutes later Tristan came out and got in the car

I gave him the keys and strapped zay in then he pulled off going through the bag of stuff I bought

What's this he asked

Chips and stuff I said rubbing my eyes

He nodded his head and smiled as he ate the chips

We finally arrived at the house and zay was sleep

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