Chapter Six

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Alright, so the song to the right is What Dreams Are Made Of  from the Lizzie McGuire Movie. xD This song is SO good, but it doesn't really fit with the chapter! So what I really want you to do, is play the song throughout the WHOLE chapter, but don't really pay attention to the lyrics; Just the music. Okay? THANK YOU<3

Okay, so here's chapter six!!



-Lisa's POV-

"And here is Rocque Records," I informed Laura, opening the big doors to the building.

"Woah," she said as we walked inside.

We got into the elevator and rode up to the floor with the studio and everything. Once I stepped out of the elevator, all of the memories I had here came flooding back. It brought tears to my eyes, and I dabbed under them. I took a deep breath and Laura gave me a sympathetic look.

"Okay, well, here's the floor where everything happened!" I told her, trying to act all happy and smiley. She knew my smile was fake, but didn't say anything. She knew just to let me be and process everything. I lead her to the studio first, where I would record songs. "And uh, here's the studio; I would record songs here."

Laura looked around as I stepped into the booth and stood in front of the microphone. "This is so cool," my best friend said, running her fingers over the keys of the control box.

"Wow," I said, wrapping my fingers around the microphone stand. "It's been so long." After looking around for a second, I walked out of the booth and lead her to the room with all of the instruments, and where I would perform for Griffin. "And this room is very important, because this is where I would sing for Griffin."

"WOAH. Cool chair!" Laura ran to the clear chair, swinging back and forth on it. I laughed as I walked around the room; I stood in front of the clear glass window. All of the flashbacks of singing for Griffin came back, and the one where I first performed for him. That one made me a little sad, because that was when I had a crush on Kendall, before we started dating.

"Okay, let's go to my uncle's office!" I exclaimed and Laura got off of the chair, following me out of the room. We stood in front of the door to Gustavo's office. "Now, hopefully he's not here, but if he is, let me take care of it." Laura nodded and I carefully opened the door. There in front of us, my uncle was sitting at his desk with Kelly standing next to him.

"Um, who are you?" He asked rudely, and I rolled my eyes. Kelly had a look on her face that read, 'Oh my gosh... Lisa!' I smiled at her, then turned back to my uncle.

"It's me, uncle Gustavo.. Lisa," I replied to him and he just blinked. 

"What are you doing back here?" He asked.

"I came to visit," I responded. "Oh, and this is my friend Laura."

"Nice to meet you, Laura," Kelly said to her, then walked over to me. "And it's SO nice to see you again!" Kelly smiled and hugged me. I gladly hugged her back, and we pulled out a second later.

"Come on, uncle. Give me a hug." I smiled, holding my arms out.

"Um, no," he said.

"Please? ... Please? ... Please? ... Please?" I kept asking, until he got really annoyed and gave in.

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