Chapter 2: The Enchantress

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Chapter 2

The Enchantress!

Aayush barely lifted an eyebrow when she turned away like she couldn't bear to look at him. He knew she hated him, without any rhyme or reason. If he had a little more courage, he would have probably confronted her long ago. He shrugged.

Tired of standing in the corner, trying to blend into the darkness, he decided it was time to leave. He had made an appearance to the pointless party and that was more than enough.

He caught a glimpse of Sharad and strode towards him. "I'm leaving." he hissed into his friend's ear.

"No you're not." Sharad didn't spare him a glance. Instead he craned his neck and hollered, "Ahilyaa!"

Aayush looked up and saw her turn in the opposite direction one more time.

"Shit! You scared away the poor girl." Sharad said, playfully elbowing him on the stomach.

Aayush huffed. "Me? What did I ever do to your poor girl?" He made a face, dragging his eyes away from the little minx's backside. She wasn't merely walking away, she was sashaying down the floor like she owned the world. "Anyway.... I'm leaving." he breathed out, forcing his eyes to remain on the floor.

"Damn, she'll give you a run for your money." His friend nudged again, tapping his feet to the music that had grown louder.

Frowning, he glanced across the floor to see Ahilyaa moving in the middle of the hall, dancing all by herself.

Something stilled the moment his eyes landed on her swaying body.

The noise faded inside his head and all he heard was the music. All he saw was the girl. She danced with such confidence and grace that he couldn't look away. Sharad more or less shoved his drink in his hand and ran forward to join his assistant.

Aayush watched the two of them dance together like old friends, not sure how he felt or why he still stood there. They were laughing, goofing around, and basically having a blast. He couldn't help but scoff when in less than five minutes, each one of his colleagues joined them.

He still couldn't move from his spot, Sharad's drink now warm in his hand.

Aayush was surprised when he found himself wishing to dance with the crazy girl. He wanted to spin her around, and make her laugh. He wanted to feel alive and he knew that merely being close to her would be a thrill. But there was another huge part of him held him back. Cursing his innate nature, he picked a glass and took a long swig instead. He watched from the sidelines as always, like an outsider.

As the evening went by, he was sitting on a bar stool, getting drunk, eyes still set on the woman who had somehow held him hostage. The more he stared, the more he wanted. He couldn't deny it to himself when he caught himself time and again, imagining how it would feel to put his hands on her hips and move with her as one. Sharad had tried several times to pull him for the dance, and he had denied every time even if every fiber in his body wanted to live his fantasies.

He knew he wouldn't be able to hide it if he got too close. It would show on his face too easily, the admiration, the attraction... the need that pulled his insides.

"Fuck!" He muttered and pulled at his collar, opening the top button of his shirt when his body temperature soared without warning.

He closed his eyes a fraction to control his nerves, and out of nowhere a random guy was dancing with the group. His eyes narrowed when the guy stealthily moved around and placed himself behind Ahilyaa. He wasn't touching her, but the suggestion was as clear as the day.

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