Chapter 14: Believe in Gabby

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Roman let go of my arm, "Don't do something you're going to regret," he warned as Triple H and Vickie walked from the scene.

I followed the Shield backstage and into Triple H'S office.

The camera showed Vickie and Triple H, "What the hell was that Vickie! Do you realize what you just did? Ten guys helped Daniel Bryan last Monday, just ten. But do you know what happens when you do what you just did? You have ten more guys, then ten more guys. Soon you've got a whole riot on your hands!" Triple H told her.

"I was just doing what was best for business," Vickie explained.

"Best for business.... Vickie, you have no idea. What is best for business is that these guys feel safe. They need clean competition and that's what we're going to give them. You are going to make a match and it will be The Shield vs the Usos... and Daniel Bryan. Go." Triple H said as Vickie left, he turned to me.

I grinned at him as the Shield stood behind me, "How's your face?" I asked.

Triple H smiled back at me, "How's yours?"


"I know that you are aching for a match tonight, so I'm going to give you one when you go one on one with Aksana, tonight," Triple H told me.

"But I'm not cleared...."

"That's your problem," Triple H said.

As he turned his back, I called, "I don't have to! I'm not even signed here!"

He looked back at me, "You're right, you do have a choice. You can fight Aksana tonight, or look like a coward, your choice." he walked away.

The cameras shut off as I looked at the Shield, "What do I do?"

Seth shrugged, "Your choice."

I sighed, "Ok, I will."

"Great, I can come out with you if you want," Seth offered and I agreed, relieved that it wouldn't be Dean.

Roman spoke, "You know, I do have a plan if you want to use it."

"I'll take all the help I can get."

Roman nodded, "Ok, we all know Aksana will aim for that bad shoulder of yours. What if you patched up the other one to make it look like that's the injured one."

"It could work," Dean spoke for the first time, "Just got to make sure not to give yourself away."

I nodded and grinned, "Thanks Roman. Lets go see doc." I said, walking away without seeing if they were following.

Later on.........

"I don't care, Gabby. You shouldn't compete."

I sighed, "Come on, Doc. This plan is great! I really want to rub it in Triple H and Stephanie's face. Please."

The doc. shrugged, "Fine, I guess I can't stop you," he mumbled as he started taping up the shoulder that wasn't injured.

I grinned, "Thanks. You won't regret it."

"We'll see," Doc. responded as he taped around my ring gear, which was a red hoodie that came above my belly bottom and had sleeves that came above my elbows. I had a black sports bra on that sleeves were visible. I wore black shorts, black boots and knee pads. I also had black fingerless gloves with black nail polish.

The doc. finished, the tape was just visible where my shoulder met my neck and a little bit on my elbow, "I could tape up your other shoulder so it's not visible!" he suggested.

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