"Sissy!" The burning charcoal monster insulted the other.

The fire monster started growling, making its flame head bigger; turning into a big wild fire.


The flame creature stopped yelling and froze. It slowly turned its head to the doorway; making the squirebots back away so they wouldn't be seen. They both put their hands over their mouths as they heard the monsters speak to each other.



"I think we've got visitors."

The squirebots looked at each other when they heard nothing. The one closest to the doorway turned his head when he felt something hot next to him. The two robots froze when they saw two smiling monsters staring at them.

"GOTCHA!" They both shouted as the squirebots screamed.


Two of the other Squirebots looked through a living room area. One of them looked under a couch while the other was looking at a broken mirror; shattered into countless pieces.

"Man I'd hate to be the guy who did this." He said as the other squirebot came over to look.

"I bet he got some really bad luck from that." The other joked.

"Oh, you have no idea."

The two squirebots heard a voice behind them. They turned around to see a woman smiling at them from behind the couch. They stood still with their mouths open as they stared at her. The darkness of the room made her hard to see. But they could make out her long hair and her Curvy upper body, while her lower body was unseen because of the couch.

"What brings you boys here, might I ask?" She spoke in a lustful tone of voice.

The two squirebots tried to get words out, but their processors seemed to have slowed down.

"We uhhhhhhh. We're looking for some Knights." One of them managed to say.

"A-a-and a wizard." The other added.

The woman let a short laugh.

"I'm afraid I haven't seen any Knights or wizards here." She ran her fingers across the couch. "But I know something else you might be interested in."

The robots tried to smile; feeling their servers warming up.

"L--like what?" They stuttered.

The woman smiled with a pair of shape teeth through the dark and opened a pair of glowing yellow eyes. The squirebots watched as she came out from behind the couch. The robots were expecting a pair of legs. But instead, it was a snake tail. Their smiles turned into shocked faces as the monster woman brought out a pair of flaming whips; showing her red skin and scale covered body.

"Your GREATEST FEAR!!" She roared as she cracked her whips; making the two squirebots scream.


Clay and the squirebot he paired with looked around the bottom of the stairs; thinking that there might be something there.

"I think I just felt something." The squirebot whispered, shaking his spear in fear.

"It's ok to be nervous to in a place like this, buddy." Clay replied, still looking around.

Clay stopped when he noticed a torn curtain on the wall. The knight inspected it closely; looking for clues. The knight pushed it to the right; revealing an unlocked door. As Clay opened the door, the squirebot noticed something dripping and hanging over his head. When he heard a growl, he looked up and screamed when he saw a red ball monster lunging at him. Clay turned around to see, but he fell backwards when the monster lunged at him. Clay could hear the squirebot running and screaming in fear as the knight fell down a flight of stairs. Clay yelled painfully as he fell; dropping his sword and shield to the bottom, and groaning as he sat back up on the cold floor.

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