The Deal

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"Stop right here!"

Clay did as Kyle said and stopped at the fallen tree; making the squirebots behind them stop; almost running into each other with their hover horses.

"Is this it?" Clay asked to make sure.

"Yeah, this is the path to the castle." The squirebot pointed ahead.

Clay started the vehicle again and went straight ahead with the squirebots following closely behind. Clay watched the road as the atmosphere began to change. The ground and trees turned white with snow, just as Kyle said. A broken box filled with fireworks and a trail of wolf prints were on the ground.

"This must've been where the wolves were." He thought as he glanced and put his focus back on the road.

Clay slowed down as they reached the gates of the castle. He stopped at the end of the bridge; making the squirebots behind him stop as well. The knight looked up at the castle as he got out of the vehicle; feeling his insides going cold. But he could not stop now. He turned to face Kyle and the other squirebots.

"Kyle; you stay here and mind the hover horses. Make sure their ready when we get out of here." Clay instructed.

"Yes, sir!" The squirebot gave a salute.

"The rest of you are coming in with me."

"Yes, sir!" The soldier squirebots shouted as they followed the knight.

As they made their way over the bridge, Clay readied his sword and shield. The Squirebots readied their weapons while looking over the side of the bridge; quickly backing off from it when they all saw the lava down below. Clay stood in front of the iron doors before they opened on their own. The squirebots started shaking in their armour while Clay gripped the handle of his sword.

"Search every inch of this place. If you see anything dangerous, don't be afraid to fight back." The knight instructed before splitting everyone off in groups.

Clay and one of the Soldier squirebots went into one of the rooms on the first floor while the other six wondered into different places.

Two of them went into the dining room. One of them looked under the table; finding nothing while the other looked around near the fireplace.

"Found anything?" The one under the table asked.

"Nope." The other replied.

"You have got be the stupidest brother I ever had!"

The two squirebots heard a voice coming from another room.

"I'm the only brother you have, idiot!" Another voice could be heard.

The two squirebots quietly tiptoed to the room as they heard the voices arguing with each other.

"Magmar said hide and don't let anyone see you, and you just throw a roll at one of them!"

"I thought he would go away if I gave him food; he said he was hungry!"

"He would've went away eventually, you matchhead!"

"Don't you call me matchhead, block fist!"

"Lava mouth!"

"Sulphur for brains!"

The two squirebots poked their heads through the doorway to see what was going on. Their robot jaws almost dropped when they saw two monsters arguing with each other. One of them looked like it was made out of burning charcoal, with big fists at its sides and hot glowing spikes on its shoulders while the other one was made of lava and fire and had a flame for a head.

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