Max's POV

I stalked down the hall of the hotel me and my band, Escape the Fate, were staying at in New York.

I needed to make it to band practice before rhe other guys, Craig, Robert and Bryan knew something was up.

That would suck. For the past five times I've been late, I told them I was fucking a fan but what I was really doing was watching gay porn.

You may think "why would MAX GREEN of ESCAPE THE FATE be watching gay porn?!"

Well, there is a good reason for that.

I'm gay.

The Max Green of Escape the Fate is gay and the other members of the band are very homophobic.

That's why I must stay in the closet. 'Cause it's either that, or get beaten and kicked out of the band and that would suck. Hard.

I ran down the stairs and sprinted out of the lobby running down the streets with my hood over my head, so that crazy fan girls wouldn't see me and try to rape me. Its happened before. She got sent to jail though, thank God. When I got to the abandoned building on the outskirts of the place we were staying in, the guys were waiting impatiently.

"Max, hurry the hell up!" Robert yelled at me.

"God Rob, take a chill pill." Craig said back to the drummer. I smiled. Thus is the man I've had a cruch on for a while now...couple months...or.... I think its a year now.

"Wow..." I whisper.

"What was that, Max?" Craig asks. I look up at him. His black hair shone in the twilight light. Oh how I wanted to run my hands thorough it and that smirk... BAD MAX! No Max! Bad Maxxie. No naughty thoughts. But the things I would do to that man... MAX!

I slapped myself mentally.

"Max...? You okay?" Bryan asks. I look at him.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"Okay, well let's go inside before the fan girls find us." Craig said.

"Or the fags, dirty mother fuckers." Robert added.

"Whatever, let's just go inside mofo's." I said with a smile. They all laughed and we went in.

It was a dark place, but Craig hit the lights so we could see everything. I screamed.

"BATS!" I yelled. I am deathly scared of bats. A whole bunch of 'em flew right to the door, while I was sitting on the floor with my knees to my chest. Everyone laughed. Bryan doubled over ober and was now on his tummy on the floor a few feet away from me. "I HATE YOU!" I screamed and got up.

"But I thought you loved us?!" Craig said with a smirk. I turned around.

"Maybe. Maybe not." I said with a true smile.

"So why were you late again, Max?" Robert asked. I stiffened.

"Fucking a fan..."

I walked over to my bass guitar and grabbed it off the stand it was sitting on. "Now grab your instruments and let's play!"

Robert walked to the drums, Bryan walked to the guitar and Craig walked to the microphone.

"Okay guys, what song...?" Craig asks.

"1O MILES WIDE!!!!!" I screamed. It was my favorite song because of my little rant in the video.


"Sure, you guys ready?" Craig asks us all. We nod and start playing.

*plays 10 miles wide*

When we stop playing I scream in terror. "MORE BATS!" I yelled as another huge amount of bats came flying towards me and the rest of the band. They all laughed as they flew over us.

"Jackasses" I mutter.


Craig's POV

I laughed as Max screams. He was so cute.... Wait what?! Come on Craig, your straight! At least you think you are...

He ran up to me and jumped up on my back. "MAX! WHAT THE FUCK!" I yelled. He jumped off of me.

"Sorry, want to go to the bar down town?" He asked. Iooked back at the other guys, they were looking at us all wierd.

"You guys coming, I'm totally gettin' wasted tonight." I said. They nod and run out of the buildings door and into the streets.

****** 5 minutes of silent walking laterrrrrrrr******

We walked into the bar and got our beers. The bar was dark and had silent music playing.

After a while we were pretty wasted.

"Hey Craig....hic....can you come here for a sec....?hic" Max said. I walk over to him.

"Wha-" I was cut off by his lips.

They moved smoothly over mine.

I was shocked... He's kissing me?!

I was tempted to push him away from me, but I ended up moving my lips with his.

Good thing Robert and Bryan weren't here, they would have kicked our asses.

He pulled away and I whined.





LOVE US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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