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Mini's pov
I lay in a small pool of my own tears and sweat. My phone goes off again and I check the ID. I watch as it goes to voicemail. Then the voicemail plays, "hey Craig it me...I know it's my fault but you shouldn't stop posting videos. Call me once you get this bye."

I unlock my phone and see a bunch of text most from her or Monica and Tyler. Her ID pops back onto the screen and I throw it at the wall automatically breaking it into pieces.

My stomach growls and I get up and head to the kitchen. I open the refrigerator to find two empty two month old beer bottles and a 8 week old box of pizza. That's when I remember that I hadn't had any decent food for about two weeks. I was so malnourished that my ribs and collar bone were clearly visible. The door bell rings, making me flinch.

I open the door and see the smiling blue eyes that I've come to hate. I lower my gaze to my shoes. "What do you want Monica?" I tell her.

"What? Can't I come see my boyfriend?" She says using a tone that made her seem innocent but I know what she's really like. "We broke up." I tell her.

"No we didn't." She argued
"Yes we did." I say and she narrows her eyes in anger
"No. We. Didn't." She says again with anger in her voice.
"Y-yes we d-did." I tell her again

She steps closer to me and says "your lucky your cute and rich Craig. No where is your wallet? I want to go to the mall." When I don't answer she restates herself "where. Is. Your.wallet Craig?" When I don't answer she grabs the door knob and slams the door agents me making my yell out in pain. I fall to the floor when she pushes me, ten she gets on top of me and start attacking me with her heels. I Yelp out in pain again when the heel of her shoe stabs me in the arm.

"Kitchen. It's in the fucking kitchen." I manage out. She smiles and get off of me all the while putting her shoe back on. I curle into a ball holding back tear because I know if she sees me crying she will hurt me again. I hear her walk over to me and bend down "see was that so hard?" She kicks me in the spine making me Yelp in pain. Another bruise to add to the collection of injuries.

"And next time when I ask a question don't curse at me okay?" She walks around me and leaves slamming the door behind her. When I know she's gone I let the tears flow. I get up and head to the bathroom, I take off my shirt and look at myself.

I'm disgusted with what I see. Bruises in different stages of healing and multiple scars on my shoulders inner wrists and arms, and hidden cuts on my thighs. I stare at my sunken eyes and cheeks and a lone tear slips out of my eye and down my cheek. I open the medicine cabinet and take out the razor. I press it to my wrist and slide it to the right. My skin automatically opens and blood appears. Now I don't feel the pain much, so I cut again on the same place. I feel it this time and tears sting my eyes. I put the razor back into the medicine cabinet and walk out, back into my room. I feel the blood trickle down my my arm from where Monica stabbed me with her shoe.i cried myself to sleep that day just like any other day for the past year. I cry because I'm in love with a monster.

Tyler's pov

It's been four weeks and mini hasn't been answering anyone's tweets,texts or calls. Monica told us that mini's just sad about the break up and needs time to get over her. I snorted when she said that. Monica's just a narcissistic gold digging bitch, but what she was saying was sorta true. She and mini had been going out for two years and he was head over fucking heels for this women.

I shock my head and say up getting everyone's attention. "I'm done! I know mini and I know when something's wrong and clearly somethings wrong!" The crew aka vanoss, delirious, ohm and nogla look at me. " Tyler how are you supposed to check on him while your in California and he's in Britain?" Vanoss says looking back at the t.v were bad grandpa was giving. " I have nothing coming up this week and have money to spare, why not check on him? If he was okay he would have replayed to one of us by now I mean come on it's been four weeks! Four!!" I say while packing my stuff into a duffle bag.

"Who's going to watch over your channel while your gone?" Vanoss asks " I know I can't do it." He says.
I stop dead in my tracks. Fuck I forgot about my channel. Delirious snores loudly asleep halfway through the the movie. " I'll do it" nogla says with a shrug. " thanks dude." I tell him. "Don't worry once you get ther and see that mini's fine you'll fuck him and come back." He says. I smack him in the back of the head

"I don't like mini that way." I say as I pack more stuff into the duffle. Who the fuck am I kidding of course I like him that way but he's straight and would never go for me not when he deserves much better. "Whatever you say Tyler." I give nogla my house keys and get into my car. I wave to the crew even delirious who woke up.

Time skip

After I find my seat in the plane I take a deep breath. I hope I'm just acting like an idiot but I know mini and I know somethings wrong.

Buckle up please as we prepare for take off. The pilot says. Within minutes were in the air, but all I could think about is mini. When we its 12 in the afternoon. I call a taxi and go straight to mini's.
Please be okay please be okay is all I think about as we near mini's home

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