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The library was quiet when I entered. The school day had just ended and the library would be open for another two and a half hours. I didn't bother texting Helen when I would be home for dinner, knowing that she wouldn't come home until eleven nor would she care if I was alright or not. It was kind of a 'fend for yourself' type of environment at the Fishers. Frankly, I didn't feel like dealing with her alcoholic husband tonight either.

Grove Heights library was a sad sight to be seen. There were a handful of students in here. Knowing that it was Friday, I didn't expect tons of people to be in here. Just a few boys from my History class in first period, they probably didn't do the dumb assignment either. My teacher was a tech addict, he said the paper was due on Saturday morning and we had to email it to him by 9 am sharp. I haven't started.

I found a table in the back, beside a window. The lights were flickering slightly in the back, from the harsh wind. The library was dark, there were about six rows of bookshelves that were stocked, two librarians sat at the front desk dealing a pile of cards. There was a girl sleeping on a desk in the corner. In the library there was also two working computers, I made my way over to one. The seat next to me was vacant and I placed my bag on it so nobody would sit next to me. 

Not that anyone would.

The computer made some starling noises as I turned it on, it was probably older than I was but as long as it was working and I could type my stuff on here, I didn't mind. It took a seconds to get to Microsoft Word and I tapped my fingers on my keyboard impatiently. What was the paper even supposed to be about? I got out my materials from the class and flipped through my textbook. World War II. Shrugging my shoulders I got up to dig around the bookshelves for any information on Pearl Harbour.

Three Asian girls crowded around a desk over a graphic novel. The girl in the back snored loudly. I sighed, was this what life came to? What even was Pearl Harbour anyway? Why did I even take History?

I walked along the bookshelves quietly, stopping beside the last row beside a window. It was a quiet nook, overlooking the football field. The clouds were darker by now and it looked like it may rain possibly. The football field were outside along with Coach Carlos, the most aggressive bald man I've ever met. The team were in thick hoodies and jackets and currently running laps around the track with Coach Carlos barking at them to move faster. Shaking my head, I looked back at my bookshelf, my hand unconsciously fiddling with the necklace. Finally finding a book that had the information I needed, I retreated back to my dusty computer and started to speed type.

It was maybe an hour and half into it and my fingers started to cramp up. I was four paragraphs in and I made up crap as I continued with the essay. I was probably going to get a 60 on this but I didn't care, it was American History anyway. Not worth my time. I wrapped up the conclusion as fast as I could, summarizing each irrelevant fact after the other.

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