seven; suga.

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YOONGI FEELS FOR THE KID. Maybe that's why he has yet to make a sarcastic remark. There are lots of places to start, lots of bruises he can poke, but Yoongi won't because a part of him is still self-flagellating over the cruel crap he said to the boy last time.

"So..." Yoongi says, rocking on his heels.

He shoves his hands in his jacket's pockets and wraps one around his phone, the other around his cigarette pack.

He knows he's not supposed to smoke; they've given him enough warnings. Smoking is not something idols can advertise doing. But considering all that's been happening in his life, Yoongi feels like a cigarette every now and then is the tamest of his problems.

Jimin doesn't look up when he speaks. He stares at Yoongi's jacket instead. "What was that about?" He mumbles.

"Why are you asking me? You brought me here."

Jimin's face cringes in a way that tells Yoongi the whole thing had been unintentional. But here they are, going through with it anyway, for no reason, for pride.

"What do you need to say? I have places to be," Yoongi pushes.

"What do you need him for?"

Yoongi can see the sweat stains on the boy's shirt, on his chest, on his armpits, at the very bottom, the part he used as a towel in the most douchebaggy way Yoongi had ever seen.

So he's fit, what boytoy isn't? If looks are all you have, you have to look great. Visuals, they called them, members paid to shut up and sit pretty.

"What were you gonna tell him?" Jimin asks again when Yoongi takes too long to answer.

"How's it your business?"

"Uh... because he's my band member and I wanna watch out for him."

Jin's twenty-four, a few months older than Yoongi. Jimin is barely twenty-one. It's the lamest excuse Yoongi has heard.

"Right," he says.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Jimin throws back.

Yoongi gets the distinct feeling that Jimin's itching for an argument. He feels the boy pushing and he feels the need to push back but he's having too decent a day to ruin it.

Namjoon's jumping session actually worked and the two of them spent the whole morning in the studio, recording and roasting each other before Bang interrupted to give Yoongi his mission. Yoongi can't wait to get this over with and head back.

"Nothing," he drops it, shrugging, "What did you want to say?"

"Were you gonna tell him about the stunt?"


"So you changed their mind?"

"Yeah, you're off the hook."

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