Chapter 1

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I am co-writing this story with lostboys_lostgirls. It's a boyxboy story between the two of us, so I hope you guys like it and enjoy it. I hope you guys support it as well, like my previous work on Wattpad and her's. You should, if you haven't already check out her stories, check them out because they are great and I love them and her characters!

Hope you enjoy the chapter ahead and continue reading to the end where you'll meet Theo and Evan. 


Chapter Written by IzzySaysHaii

Theo's P.O.V.

"I thought you had the day off?" I ask Evan once he comes back from serving a table.

"I did. I-we need the money you know that. So, I took the day since someone called out and I forgot to call you to cancel." he says turning around facing the coffee maker where he fills a cup of coffee for me.

"If you need money all you have to do is ask, Ev." I say drowning my cup of coffee in milk and sugar once he hands it over to me.

"I don't know how you drink that crap. And of course not. Your family has helped us way too much for too long. They've helped me too much so that I could ask for help on something.....again." I roll my eyes at his stupidity.

Evan and I have been best friends since I could remember. My parents and his have known each other since before we were born. Evan's father used to work with his cousin in his company until he got injured because of his uncle's (Evan's) fault. Evan's father from the accident is now paralyzed from the waist down. When he won the lawsuit most of the money went to lawyers and medical bills. Both brothers haven't talked since Evan's father won the case.

My father since he's well off in money from his company he has helped pay most of the medical bills and from time to time helps them out with money and other things. Evan's mom is currently a stay at home mom since she had to leave her teaching job to take care of her husband. Since she's crafty she tends to make things and sell them at the diner Evan works in, so that things can add up at the end of the month and she could help her husband out.

Evan just like his parents hates to ask for money or anything. If they-he struggles with something they rather struggle than asking for help; which I hate, because I love helping my best friend(brother) out. Evan also hates asking for anything coming from my parents because my dad is paying for his education so that he could go to the private prep where we live and for him to get the best education our city has to offer us.

Evan tends to work at the diner near our school mostly every day. He unlike me works harder for his grades since he's trying to get full scholarships to universities. I'm a little lazier for school. I'm not a fan, but because of the parents I have, they don't let me slack off or else, so my grade are pretty good, if I do say so myself.

"I'm going to talk to dad about this. We've barely been together this summer. I've been bored out of my mind without you." He glares at me. He then lifts his eyes and looks behind me in surprise making me turn around and look at what he's looking at. I notice he looks at a guy around our age looking over at the souvenirs his mom makes.

"No one has bought those in weeks." he says surprised.

The kid looking at the souvenirs was really pale from what I can tell and tall. He had wavy/curly dark locks. The type of hair I would love to thread my fingers through. He looked good from the back. He was skinny, but not in the way he was sick or anything of the likes and had a cute bubble butt I would love to squeeze against me.

Ugh, what the hell am I thinking? I'm not even gay. At least I don't think so, I don't really know.

The guy picks a handful of souvenirs and makes his way to the cash register which Evan is right behind of. Once he's in close proximity I look into his eyes and notice they are an emerald color. They are beautiful and big. His bright emerald eyes are a complete contrast to his pale skin and dark hair. Oh, goodness he's hot.

"Do I pay for these here?" he asks glancing over at me and back at Evan.

"Yeah, are you taking all of these?"

"Yeah, why wouldn't I? They're pretty....beautiful." He says handing over around 15 different items.

"Thanks, my mom makes them and displays them here to see if they sell. So, thanks for buying all of these." Evan says smiling big while blushing.

Is my best friend blushing? Wait, he has a boyfriend which he just got with. Why is he flirting?

"Stop flirting, you have a boyfriend dude. Anyways, 'your smile is almost as big, warm, and lovely as my penis'" I say closely to the cute green eye beauty who's grinning at my friend. Once he realizes what I've said he looks at me and starts laughing. Full on bending over, holding his stomach laugh. My cheeks start feeling warm. I look at Evan who shakes his head in disbelief and smiled at me. Evan places green eyes' items in a bag and hands it over to him.

"50, since my friend here is being, well, himself." Evan says.

"Thanks, and your pickup line? Well, it needs work." he winks stifling a laugh as walks out leaving me baffled.

"I hate you, green eyes" I mumble under my breath turning to face Evan.

"I'm ashamed of you right now. You don't even like guys, yet, you go and say that to a guy." he says wiping down the counter where I am. He then goes to another customer who's a couple seat down from me who want pie.

"I'll see you later, tomorrow, whenever." I say to him when he comes back.

"Okay, bye, loser." he winks at me while I wave and blow him a kiss leaving the diner to find something to do with my life.

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 Hopefully, this story comes out to be a bubbly, fun, not depressive story between the two main characters. I want the teasing and cute couple I can picture them as. There's always drama in stories, so I am looking forward to that, whether it's with Theo or in "Green Eyes'" life. I am writing Theo's P.O.V. while Beatrice is writing "Green Eyes". I'll post a picture of "Green Eyes" in his P.O.V. chapter. And yes, you'll find out his name in the next chapter. Obviously, Theo won't know his name until he tells him, so until then, Theo will be calling him "Green Eyes."

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Theo Maverick

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