|Patrick Stump| "You Haven't Been The Same."

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You led on the bed, a silence filled the room, resulting in an uncomfortable night

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You led on the bed, a silence filled the room, resulting in an uncomfortable night. You looked over, your head turning on the pillow, to see Patrick's body the other way round, his back facing your back, your facial expression saddened as a wave of sorrow ran through you. You wanted to reach out and say sorry. The words you said were never meant to be said.

--- sometime before ---

"You mean to say you cheated on me while I was gone Y/N is that what you're saying here," Patrick yelled, an angry expression on his face.

The H/C looked towards him, shaking her head quickly.

"No of course not Patrick I love you and only you..." She began, a tear rolling down her cheek.

Patrick had just returned from a tour, Y/N was pregnant and had been acting a little odd since he got back, Patrick thought the worse, Y/N had no idea how to tell him.

"You're lying Y/N since I got back you haven't been the same, you've been sneaking out at night to god knows where..."

Every night she would walk to the park, thinking of a way to tell him. She never thought about what it would look like until now.

"P...Please, Patrick, let me speak-" She begged

"No I won't listen to your pathetic excuses, I'm done here Y/N were done-"

"Patrick, I'm pregnant!" She yelled, throwing her hands above her head, the house shaking as she narrowed her eyes towards him. She'd grown angry about the fact he wouldn't let her say what she wanted to; he made it all worse than it was.

"What?" Was all he could say.

"The unexplained outings, the extra food in the fridge. I'm not feeding two of us anymore Patrick; it's not just you and me now, I'm pregnant..." She repeated.

"Y/N I'm so so-"

"No... You don't even trust your wife; you always think I've done something wrong when you aren't here. Hm? Don't you? Every time. How am I supposed to know that when you go on tour with the guys you aren't fucking another girl behind my back Patrick... Because I trust you, that's what love is supposed to be built on... Not whatever this is..." She turned, Patrick grabbed her wrist softly, begging her to stay, she looked back and glared.

"Let go."

"Y\N please I didn't mean t-"

"I said let go Patrick." She ordered before tearing her wrist from his grasp. Before storming off upstairs.

--- Back To Now ---

You looked to him, the same sigh escaping from your mouth. You uncovered yourself, moving the quilt away from your body. You moved your feet around and gulped as they touched the floor one by one softly. You stood from the bed and walked towards the exit that led out to the balcony of the house the two of you owned. You placed your arms on the cold metal of the bar. You glanced at your stomach for a moment and quietly sniffed, tears fell from your cheeks, meters down to the floor below onto the hard concrete of the road. You glanced ahead into the dark and grasped hold of the bar. You were so scared about having a child; your mother died in childbirth, you were around nine at the time, when the news came around you had a new baby brother, you were ecstatic, however with good news, most of the time there are two sides. You lost your mother to get your brother. You sometimes feel like your mum lives inside your brother. The two of you were close however since he got married and moved away, he's been distant.

"Mum. I don't think I'm ready... I'm so scared..." You sobbed quietly, tears falling from your eyes quicker by the minute. One hand around your stomach one clenching the bar. You sighed and continued to cry softly.

Moments later a pair of arms wrapped around your waist protectively. You fell silent and looked over your shoulder to see Patrick behind you. Your breathing hitched quietly, which he noticed and held you tighter. You turned around meeting his gaze, his eyes locked onto yours. You embraced him firmly.

"I'm so sorry Patric-"

"Y\N don't apologize, the truth is... I presume these things because... Well, I don't think I'm good enough for you, there are so much more people out there that are better for you... That will be there for you all the time."

When you married Patrick, you knew what you were signing up to, but you didn't care you wanted it. So did he, you knew he would have to leave for tours but you didn't care, you loved him, every minute spent with him was cherished.

"Patrick... What did I say when I married you. I said I'd love you until death does us part." You smiled. You looked into his eyes and tried the few tears that strolled down his cheeks. You raised your hand showing the ring that sat on your finger.

"I love you, Patrick, I always will."

He looked down at you and smiled.

--- A year later ---

"Lauren?" Your voice echoed through the house. "Where's she gone crawling off to now..."


"Yes Pat, ah found you." You began as you walked to Lauren picking her up in your arms, you smiled kissing her forehead. You walked through the door way into the kitchen where Patrick stood.

"I need to tell you something."

"Okay." You smiled.

"Okay so since Young and Menace came out, the boys and I are going on a tour."

"Okay. It's fine."

"No, I want you to come with us, Lauren too."

Your eyes widened as you smiled, looking to Lauren.

"Guess who's going on tour with daddy, you and me." You giggled together.

"On one condition." He spoke up.

--- On Tour ---

You glanced up from the side, Lauren in your arms. 'Young and Menace' had just finished.

"Alright, so that was our new song. Now, I came out here with an extraordinary person, and a very special Young Menace herself. Y/N, Lauren."

You breathed in and walked on the stage watching as the crowd oohed and awed. You laughed slightly and walked to Patrick, he placed his arm over your shoulder, before passionately kissing you.

"No more secrets." You smiled.

"No more secrets."

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