Chapter Nine

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By the time I woke up the next morning, Biana Keefe and Dex had already woken yp and gone downstairs for breakfast. I smiled at Sophie’s sleeping figure, and slipped out of the room to get dressed.
As I descended the winding sliver stairs, Biana came running ul to me and wrapped me in an enthusiastic hug. She pulled away, and dragged me to the kitchen and haned me a bowl of food.
"So.." she said. "You and Sophie?"
My cheeks turned crimson, and I nearly choked on my mouthful of food.
"Are you guys a thing yet?" Keefe almost yelled.
"I... I don't know." I said.
Looking up, I saw that Dex was not present. He said he had to leave early, so I guess he had already gone.
Keefe snorted.
"Come on man. You've waited long enough. Plus, most people don't eat each other's faces off like that unless they're a thing."
I buried my face in my hands. Biana took the empty bowl from my leg and gave me a push back towards the stairs.
"Go." She said. "Soph is probably waking up by now."

Flustered and red, I dashed up the stairs to my sister's room. Sophie was half awake, barely stirring at all. I made my way across the room and knelt down beside her. My original plan hadn't been to kiss her, but the temptation was too much. I felt her smile against my lips. She tangled one hand in my hair, and wrapped the other around me. I gently slid my hands under her shirt and rested them on her back.  I pulled her closer, and she drew back and hugged me.
"I should get up." She murmered into my shirt. I let go of her, and moved to the bathroom to fix my hair and give her privacy to change. Apparently, I did not give her enough time. When I opened the door, she was standing in the center of the room, weraring only tight black pants and a teal bra. Her eyes widened, and I felt mine doing the same. I turned around to leave, but she grabbed my arm. I turned around and she planted a light kiss on my nose and grabbed a strappy dark red shirt and pulled it over her head.
"Let's go." She said. "And let's not mention any of this to the others."

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