Next of Kin Part 7 -Everything That I Do, I Do For You

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Friday morning, Kara wandered down the hallway of the hospital toward Lena's room, a box of donuts and crullers in hand. Okay, technically it was only a half-filled box, but no one actually expected her to get here with the contents intact. That would be like asking an orca to watch over the seal herd. To Kara Danvers, the smell of fried dough glazed with sugar was her blood in the water. She was simply circling the box and picking off the stragglers.

Kara arrived an hour before visiting hours technically started, but if it had been up to her, she wouldn't have left last night. However, Lena had insisted that Kara go home and sleep in her own bed for once. There was a discussion, not a long one but a discussion, and in the end, Kara found herself heading home for the evening. In retrospect, Kara had no idea how she'd lost a debate to a woman who couldn't even talk. Thus was the power of Lena Luthor: CEO, billionaire, woman who could control a conversation simply by lifting one perfectly shaped eyebrow. Though Kara had never seen it, she assumed Lena must be a terrifying sight in a boardroom. Everyone had their superpower. For some, it was heat vision. For others, it was just a power glare.

As she strode through the doorway into Lena's room, nodding her head at security that had stepped down from high alert now that Lena was conscious, Kara stopped to assess Lena. The woman was still flat on her back in bed but oddly active. There was a hospital table over her piled with newspapers and another pile of work papers stacked twice as deep. Far to the left on the table sat the remote control for the TV. A flat-screen television hung down from the ceiling over Lena, tilted as far back as it could manage, nearly parallel with the ceiling. On it, news blathered as stock prices scrolled across the bottom at racing speed. Lena held a thick handful of papers, studying something with a combination of great interest and concern even as she made marks in the margin with a pen. Kara was mainly impressed that the pen managed to write upside down.

"Glad to see you're still resting," Kara said sarcastically while pushing the newspapers to the center of the table which covered Lena's bed, resting the donut box in their place.

Lena gave Kara a sideways glance, then a small clearing of her throat, before she went back to her staring match with her paper.

"Seriously, you're healing, Lena. When we agreed I'd sleep in my own bed last night, it was with the agreement that you'd rest and recuperate. What time were you up this morning?"

"U.S. time or Hong Kong time?" Lena asked in a voice that sounded like she'd been a three pack a day smoker for the past thirty years.

"Hey! You have your voice back," Kara said with great enthusiasm.

"This?" Lena pointed to her throat with the back of her pen. "This is not my voice. When you find the person to whom this voice belongs, please let them know I'm anxious to exchange it for mine again. Ice chips."

"Ice chips?"

"Ice chips," Lena repeated as she used her pen, once again, to point. On the side table next to the head of her bed was a little Styrofoam cup and within, ice chips and a small amount of melted water. "I'm not allowed to drink water yet. I think they fear I'll drown. I'm frightfully thirsty though, so ice chips."

"Oh." Grabbing the cup, Kara held it out to Lena who looked up at it causing Kara to lower it to bed level.

"Thank you," Lena said lying her paper on herself as she reached across with her left hand and tried to extract an ice chip between two fingers.

After a few seconds, Kara reached in, pulling out an ice chip and holding it up to Lena's lips.

"Oh, I...thank you," Lena replied opening her mouth as Kara slipped the chip between her lips.

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