Part 15

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Billie's P.O.V

"That's right, Billie. Now..." He runs his hands down my sides and they land on my hips. "Wanna have some fun?" He smiles menacingly.
I can't help the sob that escapes my lips and shake my head.
"N-No sir." I whimper. God, I sound pitiful.
"Why is that princess?" He starts kissing my jawline.
"Because I don't l-like you! I-I want Tr-Tré!" I struggle in his grasp and he takes his lips from my neck to give me a disappointed look.
"You're insane, Jason!" I have no idea where my confidence was coming from, but I hope it doesn't stop. "You killed John. And I hate you. Get away."
He looks so mad I could practically see the steam rising off his head. "I try being rough, and you don't like it. I try being gentle, and you don't like it. What do you want, Billie? I've had a crush on you since we met! I KILLED JOHNNY FOR YOU! AND I'LL KILL ANYONE ELSE FOR YOU BILLIE! I LOVE YOU!" He screams at me, causing me to cry. "Oh look, you're gonna cry. Just like you did when you tattled on me to my dear old mom. Y'know what? I killed her too! That's right! When you quit coming around, I stabbed her in the throat."
My breath hitches in my throat. Mrs. Freese was dead? I cry harder.
Jason leans his face forward so our noses are touching. "And y'know what, Billie? I'm gonna kill you too." And at that moment, he grabbed a rock from the display and hit me with it in the head three time. I fell down, suddenly dizzy. I couldn't feel any pain. I saw Jason sprint away. Why is my hand wet? I look down to see a puddle of blood dripping off my shoulder. I felt my head where he hit me and quickly draw back my hand when a sharp pain shoots through my body. My fingers are coated in a thick red liquid. My eyelids feel heavy. Too heavy. I'll just go to sleep...

//Time Skip//

Tré's P.O.V

      Mike and I are laying on the couch, his hand tangled in my hair and my head on his chest. Mike laughs lightly at the old western we're watching, but i can't focus.
      I'm too worried about Billie.
      He hasn't come back yet and he left nearly 2 hours ago. I hope he's okay. What if he's hurt? What if he got kidnapped? What if he went back home to his parents and they're beating the crap out of him? What if-
      "Whatcha thinking about?" Mike's voice snaps me out of my thoughts.
      I sigh and sit upright. "I'm worried about Bill."
      He chuckles. "Don't worry, baby. He's okay."
      "Are you sure?"
     "Yeah! Plus, why do we need Billie anyway? We have each other."
      "What's that supposed to mean?" I question, getting a little angry.
      "I mean, we don't need him. He's always getting in the way. He's always being annoying."
      "Mike, Billie's our friend."
      He chuckles. "I wish he wasn't mine."
      I stand. "Well y'know what else isn't yours?"
      He hums in response, his eyes fixed on the television.
      That got his attention.
      He sits up and looks at me. "What?"
     I cross my arms. "I don't want to be with someone who doesn't care about my friends. I'm going to find Billie. Goodbye, Mike."
      And that's when I walked out the door, feeling like a king.

//Another Time Lapse Because I Don't Want To Write About How Tré Walks Down The Street Alone Because That's Boring.//

      I have no clue where Billie would've gone, so I went to the only place I knew to find clues.
      I feel like Nancy Drew!
      I hear talking in the distance, and I think it's coming from the school's only open window. I decide that maybe whoever it is, they've seen a scrawny kid running down the street. When I look in the window, I almost pass out.
      It's Billie.
      But I'm not sure if he's alive.
      I almost vomit at the sight and immediately begin to cry. I run to the pay phone at the entrance of the school and dial 911. A woman answers.
      "Nine one one, what's your emergency?"
      "M-my friend. He's ble-bleeding from his he-head. I don't know wha-what happen-happened." I manage to choke out.
      "Where are you, sir?"
      "Rodeo high. Please hurry."
      "Stay calm, an ambulance is on its way."
      I hear a groan come from the window. "I HAVE TO GO! HURRY!"
      "No! Sir! Stay in the li-" is all I hear before I slam down the receiver and dice through the classroom window.
      I put Billie's head in my lap, not caring that my jeans are getting stained with blood. "Billie?" I whisper, stroking his hair, "Are you awake."
      "Uh-huh... Tré?" He says quietly.
      I nod and one of my tears falls into his face. "I gotcha Bill, you're gonna be alright. The ambulance is coming. Everything is gonna be fine."
      "Thanks... M-Mike?"
      I stiffen at his name. "No, he's not here. He doesn't care. I left him, Billie."
      I swear I saw him smile before he passed out and I hear sirens coming down the street.

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