Trust: Chapter 1

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I unlocked the front door and walked in, the house was still quiet normally my mum and dad would be up and my sisters (Aisha and Mia) would be sleeping, but the house was silent.

I checked all the rooms, and no-one was in which was odd.

i Went into my room and noticed a piece of paper on the table;

To Shayna,

If you return home and notice no-one is here your Dad, Sister and I have gone to visit your Aunty so we'll be back next Sunday, if your wondering where the money is, it's in my bedside table i hope everything okay & explain when you get back, your Dad's very angry.

Love Mum xx

i Folded the paper up and chucked it in the bin, checked the time it was 7:15am i still had 20 minutes left before i would normally go to school, so I decided to eat some breakfast, I covered my scars with some foundation and tied my hair into a messy bun leaving my side fringe out since I had a slight cut above my eyebrow, i didn't want it to seem noticeable and I definitely didn't want Wayne to see it, my stomach was still aching from the bruises and cuts so I went downstairs and searched the house for some painkillers, it said to take one but the pain was getting worse, I ended up taking two instead, and I washed it down with a glass of water, my phone started ringing:

Caller ID: Leona.

Me: Hello?


Me: Yeah, I'm fine.

Leona: You don't sound it, you've been gone for 3 days and everyone's been worried.

Me: Oh, sorry.

Leona: Don?t be, just tell me what?s bothering you, you haven?t been acting?normal.

Me: Nothing, seriously I?m fine.

Leona: Hmm, if you say so, I?ll knock for you in 10 yeah?

Me: Okay thanks.

Leona: Its ok b.

I put the phone down and ate some cereal quickly, just so I could fill my stomach but it wasn?t hunger pains, the pains were sharp and strong. There was a knock on the door, I washed up quickly and grabbed my bag Leona was standing there with Melody & Rochelle, Leona & Rochelle smiled but Melody screwed, so I returned it. Why is she gonna screw me like I done something to her? People these days.

Rochelle: Are you okay now?

Me: Mm.

Rochelle: Oh Okay, Wayne seemed stressed.

Me: Did he?

Leona: Yeah.

Melody: I Dunno why he's stressed tho.

Me: What's that supposed to mean?

Melody: Nothing.

I rolled my eyes and we got on the bus and went upstairs, I wanted to do a u-turn and go straight back downstairs and get off the bus, Wayne + his boys were sitting at the back, as soon as I got on he noticed and his facial expression changed, he looked angry but no-one else noticed;

Wayne: Oi, come here.

Leona: Is that her name?

Wayne: Was I fucking talking to you?

Leona: Does it look like I give a shit? Don't talk to her like she's your bitch.

Wayne: Fine, watch Shayna.

By now the attention was on me, people were wondering if I would still go over to him after he called me I could feel Leona looking at me telling me to sit down next to her and I did but I knew what treatment I'd get from him later on, we were talking for the whole bus journey and as soon as our stop came I hurried off the bus, Leona + Rochelle were calling after me but I just ran straight to form people looking at me weirdly, the news of my disappearance must have went around the school. Once I got into form I took my seat at the back I still had 5 minutes until the bell would go and the rest would arrive, no-one was in the form room, perfect.

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