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I'll be honest - I didn't like the clutter in the review book for the praise reviews (you can't see it yet, but I can), and so what happened? You guys get a whole new book! But this will have more than just praise reviews for winners.

This book is meant to double as a place for praise and a promotion book. Promotion I say? But how?

Simple, really.  And thanks for asking. What we will be doing is we will have the praise reviews at the start, and then admins can put in their favorite books.  Now, I can already see it forming in, like, half of your heads. If this is just a place for admins to give love to books they enjoy, why are we even here?

Again with the excellent questions! You see, if you saw the summary, you'll see readers are included in this.  There are going to be three sections of this book. The first is praise reviews. The second is admin's choice books. And the third? Well, dearies, that is the place for reader's choice.

What you guys can do is send us in suggestions for this book. Now why do I say suggestions? Because one of us admins will glance through the first couple of chapters to make sure the grammar is decent. Does that mean some people can get rejected? Yes.  That, along with just avoiding pride, is why any suggestions cannot be from the writer themselves and why any submission is done via email. However, as your email does not give your username or let us know you're not lying about your username, you MUST send us a PM telling us you sent an email or the book you sent in is AUTOMATICALLY rejected.

Also, if any writer wants to see their book in here, you ARE allowed to tag people in this chapter to make them aware of this chance.

Okay, so if someone does a promotion thing for a book you love prior to when you get the chance? Or want to add your own voice? Okay then. Send us an email and we will add on your praise! That's right. Just because a book has a post doesn't mean that there cannot be anymore said about the book.

The email you will send anything involving this book is this email:


With all that said, here is the form for submitting a book you love for being added to our "shelf" as well as what the format for each chapter will look like:

Your username:

Book Title:



Summary: (if you cannot get it because you are not on desktop view, let us know and we can retrieve this)

Quote you feel is best from the book:

Your praise for the writer:

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