*This Part 1 is specifically for the Rated-R part! The scenes is gonna be between Keanna and Prod, from what you read in Chapter 14. And continuing what happened with Maya and Prince in that little scene hehehehe. Ok onto the story. :D*

*Keanna and Prod*

Keanna and Prod went to a corner. They were in a spot where no one could see them. Keanna knelt down and pulled Prod's pants down revealing his 8 1/2 dick. She started giving him head. 5 minutes later, they were both laying down completely naked making out. Prod got on top of her and started fingering her with 2 fingers. Prod started laughing for some reason. "What the fuck?",Keanna said in between moans. "Shhh." He put his fingers on her lips as he started thrusting in her. "Mmmm Prod. Go faster." He did as he was told. Keanna tried to hold in moan, but that didn't last long. She let out the longest moan and that turned Prod on more. Prod flipped her over and started hitting it from the back. "Prodddddddd.....go harder."

After 10 minutes,they both came for a 2nd time. They were both panting and sweating.

Keanna:Damn....you are good.

Prod:You just now noticing that after 8 years!

Keanna:No..dumb ass.(starts putting clothes on)

Prod:Whatever. (puts clothes on) I'll be back.

Keanna:Where you going?

Prod:To go smoke a blunt?! (tries to walk away but Keanna grabs his arm)

Keanna:Smoke? You smoke? Why am I just now finding out about this?

Prod:You never asked. The rest do too. Bye.(yanks arms from her and goes outside)

Keanna:Wow. (goes with Emerald,Roc,Ash,and Diggy)

*Maya and Prince*

Prince:(doing the smoke exchange with Maya)

Maya:Ok..I'm tired of doing this. Gimme me my own.

Prince:You sure..this is like your 3rd one?

Maya:Nevermind. You asking too many questions. Let's go back home. I'm tired asf.

Prince:(kisses her) We gotta finish what happened earlier.

Maya:What are y--Oo I totally forgot. Come on sexy.

*They go too the car and sit in the 2nd row. As soon as they close the door, clothes are being ripped off each other. Prince got on top of her as she wrapped her legs around his waist. They quickly began french kissing. The head of his dick let Maya know that he would shortly penetrate. Maya said "Not yet babe. Let's do a little foreplay before we actually fuck." "Ugh...you love to tease me,.don't you?" Maya ignored him as he stuck 2 fingers in her pussy. She started squirming and moving her hips up and down. "Ok....I can't wait no more. Just fuck me already!!!" "As you wish." They were 5 minutes into it and then both of then started moaning each other's name. "Prince!! Oo..fuck! I'm bout to cum." "Me too." He came in her and as soon as he realized it he regretted it. "Uh-oh!",Prince exclaimed. "What is it?",sounding weak. "I just came in you."

"So..aren't you wearing a--" She stopped looking at him and started looking at his penis horrified as hell. Maya asked "Um...do you wanna stop now or what?" "Yeah.." They started putting clothes on and walked out the car. They silently went back in the club.*

OMG IS MAYA PREGNANT! AND SUPRISE EMERALD IS! Her and Roc did it one day and she found out she was 5 weeks pregnant.!! Haaha suprise Emmy. 3 votes and 5 comments to continue.* Peace!