#16: Take Nerf or plastic guns, and whenever someone walks by, yell,

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“So, soldiers,” I said to the line of stuffed animals…and Sarah, “that is why we need to take Trevor down!

I bowed as Sarah started clapping. “Amazing!”

Trevor rounded the corner. “It’s an attack! All forces go!

Sarah and I started throwing the teddy bears.

“Put your hands up where I can see ’em!” Sarah and I yelled at the exact same time.

Trevor sighed, and lifted his hands above his head. Sarah and I slowly approached him.

“Air attack!” Trevor yelled.

Suddenly, Sarah and I were hit with water balloons. “Ah!” we screamed.

“Ha, ha ha, ha!” Trevor was laughing evilly.

“Grr…” I said, my hair flattened down, letting my kitty ears headband show.

“I told you we should’ve grabbed the Medieval shields,” Sarah muttered.

I glared at Trevor, and held up my water gun. He mimicked me. “It all comes down to this,” I said in a dramatic voice.

“Yes, yes it does,” Trevor said in a ninja master’s voice.

“Dun, dun, duuuuuun!” Sarah yelled, aiming her two guns at us.

Then we all fired at each other.

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