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Pen Your Pride

I have been knocked speechless.

When I asked for 500 votes for the next chapter. I never thought it would happen so soon! You guys did it in 5 DAYS! I am so amazed. But then after I got over my incredibly amazed and happy stage I was like wait...I have to get the next chapter written. So as promised... here is the next chapter.

Hope you all enjoy because you deserve it.

Chapter Nineteen - Kicking and Screaming

I didn’t have enough time to hold my breath before I plunged into the water resulting in a whole lot of water going into my mouth. A lay suspended in the water for a moment before resurfacing with a gasp. I began coughing and spluttering as the bitter salt water washed through my mouth. That jerk! The water was fairly deep as I stood on the sea floor and the water touched my hips. After wiping away the water from my eyes I found Scott, doubled over laughing and so was a few of the others but they at least tried to hide their humour.

“You asshole!” I exclaimed, pushing my way through the water towards him. I felt cold but I was also too angry to fully embrace it. As soon as I was close enough I began splashing water at him face. He stopped laughing loudly only for it to turn into a chuckle.

“Wow real mature.” He commented, only making me even more pissed off. No way was I being his partner in whatever game we were about to play after this stunt.

“Ugh!” I finally gave up and turned in the other direction, back to the beach. I would rather lie on the beach with Tessa than be in the water with this jerk. An incredibly hot jerk, I reminded myself. I heard the splashing of water behind me and soon the jerk himself caught up.

“Okay I’m sorry. I was only messing around. Please forgive me and be my partner.” He apologised earnestly. His green eyes shone brightly, excitement still laced in with them. I realised then that a lot of people were apologising lately to me. I didn’t know if that was my fault or people just liked to get me mad.

“Fine. What game are we playing?” I asked, crossing my arms over my chest. A winning smile playing on his lips. Not a grin, not a smirk. A real smile.

“Well, how about a game of chicken?” I didn’t really like the idea of being thrown into the water again but the idea of myself on Scott’s shoulders didn’t sound so bad. I agreed to the game and we met with the others. It was Chloe with some guy I didn’t know and then Tori and Mikey. Tori shot me daggers as Scott bent down a little and I clumsily slung my legs onto his shoulders. When he stood to his full height I wobbled a little but his arms came around and steadied me. I mumbled thanks and focused really hard on taking deep breaths, conscious of the fact that I was now on his shoulders.

I held onto to his light brown locks tightly and I didn’t need to look at him to know he was grimacing. He probably is regretting asking me to be his partner now. Our first opponents were Chloe and the random guy. Chloe wore a playful look on her face but beneath that I could sense the competitive nature that she was trying to hide.

I wasn’t strong. The only form of exercise I did was my daily jog and that was only to wear me down and lessen the amount of sleep attacks I have.

Scott’s hands curled around my legs, holding me in place. My body tingled from the physical contact and I gripped his hair tighter.

“Ow! Can you loosen up a bit, I won’t let you fall.” He complained. My stomach fluttered a little with his words of not letting me fall but then I scolded myself for acting like such a girl. I ignored his comment but let my grip loosen.

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