Broken Star

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I'm not normal, I know it, everyone knows it...

Have you ever had one of those dreams that sum it all up, that it's so real everything is so clear, you know who you are clear as crystals? I have, many times, now I know who I am, everything about me is strange, I am lonely all the time.

I'm Alice, I'm sixteen, I have brown wavy hair down to my waist, I have a small button nose, high cheek bones, and I'm a strong build. You must be wondering why I'm telling you this, well it's so when I tell you the next bit you know that I'm not completely strange, in the past many people ask the basics; what colour hair? What colour eyes? How tall? Well I've realised telling people my eye colour first isn't a good idea, as after that they judge me. So let me drop the bomb shell, I have unusual eyes...they are you probably think I'm joking, or completely nuts, well I'm not. Let me make this clear, everything I say is true, as I know most of all people lying is painful. So are you surprised?


Beep! Beep! Beep!

I shuddered awake, and found my self in bed, it was pitch black and I was drenched in sweat; bad dream, again. I looked over to my bed side table and grabbed my galaxy S11, 4:50am, then I realised someone had texted me, I'd forgotten to turn my phone off. I sighed angrily and threw myself back onto my pillow.

Another un peaceful night sleep, I brought myself to wonder why me? I looked into my black phone screen, I could see nothing, accept my glittering silver eyes reflecting back at me. I stared at my wide awake pair of stars and immediately wanted to cry.

I never knew my parents, they left when I was two, I don't remember but I knew I still loved them. Now I lived with my aunt, who was too over protective, and my uncle who hated me with every fibre, and moving particle in his moving body. My life was hard, school killed me, I wondered why I even bother with it, I sit alone all day, I don't say a single word to another human being, and I always hide away at the back of the classroom, so I wouldn't get picked. I pictured all the class students eyes turning to me as they do, every single person in the class focuses their pupils at me. As always I buckle under the pressure.

I sighed quietly and looked out my beige curtains, I hate beige. I saw the half moon looking at me, I felt like the stars the moon the planets spoke to me, told me everything was alright, and in the worst of times I would close my eyes and picture their glowing surface, contrasting against the black coal coloured sky, and it put me at ease, helped me process everything.

bzzzz! bzzzzz!

My head whipped down at my phone in surprise and saw a message from my old friend Janise. She was my best and only friend at school until she left last year, she kept me sane. When she left I didn't think I could go to school again...but time flys and I tried to move on like I did with my parents.

Janise- hey, sorry if the time is wrong, but I just wanted to say I'm going to come and visit, my parents said now I'm older I can come and see you! I'm going to be there in a week! Reply soon. We need to catch up, my bright eyed friend. xxxx-

My eyes were wide with excitement by the end, my friend would be here for the holidays! I couldn't wait, it would be great to see her!

I replied straight away- hey, it's okay, the bad dreams as still with me... :( and omg I can't wait, we need to plan everything! You can stay with me!! xxx-

I was buzzing with energy I just wanted to jump around and tell everyone my friend was coming to visit, but the thing is, I have no one to tell...

She replied two minuets later- ohhh Al, I might have something for that when I get there. And totally, we will have so much fun! Okay sure thanks, your a great friend. xxxx-

I smiled to myself and typed my answer. -awwr thanks! It's going to be great! Your a great friend too! xxxx-

A message came through almost instantly. -no problem, I better go now, you get some sleep, bye Al. xxxx-

-okay dokay, bye Jan xxxx-

After that I got no reply, I I stanly felt sad again, but soon she would be here...soon.


"Alice!" Someone banged loudly on my bedroom door and I sat up abruptly, dripping in sweat again.

"Alice, get up!" My uncle shouted.

"Okay okay okay, give me a minuet to actually open my eyes!" I yelled. "God!" I exclaimed to myself once he had gone.

"Heard that!" He shouted.

I huffed and slipped out of bed.

I followed my normal routine until I found my self dressed and at the door ready to go. I had no breakfast, not because I'm starving my self but because i was never hungry in the mornings. After cleaning my teeth I drew a neat line on eye liner above my crystal eyes, which scared me even now. My aunt said they were beautiful and I should make the most of it, but no, I thought they made me look like an alien.

"Bye!" I yelled.

"Wait Alice!" My aunt came galloping down the stairs.

"What?" I huffed.

"One smile, change in wind and you'll be like that forever also wrap up warm it's winter now." She smiled handing me my coat.

"I know it's winter now... Why so pushing?" I asked curiously.

She was stuck, she bit her lip and winced when it started to bleed. "Have a good day." Then she ran up the stairs and slammed the bathroom door shut.

I sighed feeling that she was hiding something from me but I shrugged and walked out into the cold winter frosty air.

Oh there's one more thing you should know about me... When I want to I can shut I my emotions, blank people out, it's weird I know, but it helps me in a strange way. So as I walked down the road there were friends laughing and chatting busily I felt sad but I shut it off all those feelings I felt inside immediately evaporated until I wanted them back, the only problem with this unique ability, it makes me look like a robot.

So you know, I'm not normal like any other girl of my age. I know my eyes are a part of it but there is something else inside which makes me feel like I do t belong. The emotion detaching is obviously part of that but that's not all. But what was it?

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