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Tinashe walked off campus with her earphones in as she rummaged through her bag for the money Junhoe gave her for lunch.

It was strange to know that she would be staying with Hanbin and Junhoe in the same house from then on. She was overjoyed to be reunited with her old childhood friend but he was so troublesome and inconsiderate to the feelings of those he didn't know that well.

Junhoe had met Hanbin two years ago and truth be told, the two had many bumps in the road before they came to the mutual agreement of minimum tolerance with each other.

On the way to school, Junhoe told Tinashe about how Hanbin was with friends, of which he hardly had any, and how his ex was, which everyone seemed to hate. Tinashe even remembered Hanbin's mother cussing the girl out. And Hanbin had a literal angel for a mother.

Tinashe liked to hear about Hanbin though. He'd shown that he really cared for her but he just doesn't know what to do when he feels challenged. Junhoe called it funny but Tinashe found it cute and it made her like Hanbin just a little bit more.


Tinashe entered the street that would eventually take her to the main square where there was a large mall with multiple food stops surrounding it.

She was starving. And extremely tired.

The Jongsuk guy refused to leave her be and it just drained her temper. He would sit next to her in their shared lectures (yes, she unfortunately found out they had more than one class together) and just stare at her quizzically.

And if she dared ask why, he'd ignore her and face the professor who was evidently as irritated as her at the small hum he heard due to Jongsuk's conversation.

Tinashe eventually found herself calming down and blocking out the concept of other human beings as she entered a small café that looked adorable and warm and cozy to her.

After a few moments of standing idly in the queue, Tinashe was up to order next. She looked at the board behind the worker's head and ended up settling for a piece of cake larger than her head and some tea.

As she sat at the back of the café, slowly bopping her curls along to the music, she sipped the rest of her beverage and practically swallowed the cake whole. It was red velvet; let her have this please.

The calm and slightly dreamy atmosphere was shattered as she heard a bunch of commotion being made. Now obviously, being in Tinashe's position, she felt her shoulders tense as she peered around the wall she was sat near.

This wall only showed her the counter and Tinashe didn't need to see anymore.

She could hear it all.

"She's this tall and has curly hair and was last seen in a dark green camisole," the man said, angered, as he held up the line by pounding a fist on the table.

Tinashe thanked God the workers had changed shifts within the hour she was here else the suited work jockey would've found her.

The real question here was, who kelt telling her father's men where she was at?

Tinashe stood calmly, ignoring the erratic thumping of her heart, and began to walk the opposite way of the counter and into the bathroom.

The place was spacious and bright and, surprisingly, it didn't smell as bad, considering the amount of people that actually stopped by into the café, that is.

She slid into an unoccupied bathroom stall and took out her phone. She immediately dialed Hanbin and pressed the ringing device to her ear as she leaned against the stall door.

Hanbin raised up a finger from his place elsewhere and shushed a very offended Bobby. Hanbin was pissed at Tinashe for choosing Junhoe over him, granted, but he'd never ignore her calls if he could help it. "What is it—"

"Hanbin, they're here again," she whispered, taking a paranoid glance over her shoulder as if the walls had ears and the ceilings had eyes. "They were at the café I was just in and he was big and he was bald and he looked mean and, fuck, he looked strong and—and—"

"Hey, sweetheart, calm down," Hanbin said with clear distress on his face as he stood up from the table him and Bobby occupied. Bobby quirked an eyebrow from his position across the table and Hanbin put up his index finger and held it in the air again as he tried to tell Tinashe to breathe. "Where are you? Okay, I'll come get you now. Just walk around the square in a circle and eventually go back to the café. They would be gone by then and unlikely to check a place twice. They're not that smart."

Tinashe nodded and upon realizing that he couldn't see that, she mentally laughed at her stupidity before verbally telling Hanbin that she understood his instructions. "Thank you."

Hanbin ended the phone call and Bobby instantly stood too. "What's up? Do you need me as back up?"

Hanbin was imputing the street Tinashe told him into his phone when Bobby piped up. "For once, yeah, maybe."

"God, thanks! It's nice to know that I'm appreciated so much in this whole thing!"


Tinashe made sure that her face wasn't that recognizable by tampering with her appearance ever so slightly. She allowed her mane to fall into her eyes and she walked gloomily. Her hunched over stature already knocked two inches off her height as she slinked back in the direction of the café.

She wondered where Hanbin was exactly. It would effect how quickly he got to her if he was at that café he liked to meet Bobby in all the time. Speaking of which, Tinashe hadn't spoken to Bobby in a while.

It definitely wasn't that she missed his greasy attitude; it was just that she actually considered him an acquaintance. A slimy, bunny toothed, surprisingly intelligent acquaintance but one nonetheless.

She wondered when the two men became friends. Had they always liked one another? Were they family friends like her and Junhoe?

Tinashe realized she didn't know that much about Hanbin. Like, at all.

She knew he had both parents and a little sister, she knew of their culture but that was solely because her brother's best friend stemmed from the same one.

She found a smile creeping up her face as she imagined Junhoe, her brother and Hanbin at one dinner table to meet each other formally. The idea made her laugh because she could practically see Hanbin questioning Junhoe's every move, Junhoe starting drama for his own messy entertainment and her brother trying to sort everything out whilst unknowingly making everything worse with his bad jokes and poor advice.

As Tinashe thought about all these things, she suddenly felt an arm wrap around her waist and one clamp over her mouth as she was plucked from the hustle and bustle of the town and dragged backwards into a darkened alleyway.

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