(This chapter is a build up of all the previous chapters that where in Aqua's point of view)

On this particular morning, I walked into the café with my boys. Today I had a game plan, I was going to ask Aqua if she wanted to ride with me to school. The guys went and sat by our usual table and I went to the counter where Aqua was sitting. No one knew what I had in mind of course...

I practically called her name like 20 times but she was busy staring into space dreamily, so I started waving my hand in front of her face. I was so tempted to brush her cheek, but of course I didn't.

"Aqua..." saying her name out loud to her was nice. It made me feel like I wasn't a complete stranger to her.

"Huh...? " she says, suddenly standing up.

Before I can even construct a sentence, she's already off. Her face was red, I wonder what she was thinking about.

I go and take a seat by our table and wait for her.

When she came from behind the counter, I couldn't help but smile at her outfit. She was wearing a very short black ...tutu? And had her hair down. What a shame she had those weird legging things on. I would have loved to see her legs...

Anyway...As I'm admiring herhair, which by the way, is really nice and looks silky when it touches the light...She's about to hand me my coffee and I immediately need to brush my hand against hers. This will be our first physical contact! I start panicking, and I push my hand too fast and she drops the cup.

"I'm so sorry Jake! I'll go get you another one!" Aqua says, bending on her knees to wipe the mess.

Wow, I'm surprised she actually knows my name...

I help her stand up, my hand heating up, just by touching her shoulder.

"It's ok Aqua..." I say, trying to sound calm, although my insides where freaking out.

I felt this pain in the pit of my stomach and suddenly I felt like I had to have her in my arms, when she was walking away, I felt empty.

One of my friends, Taylor decided to be a jackass and said,

"We better hope she doesn't go off into the corner and cut herself" everyone, except Regan and I laughed.

If looks could kill, Taylor could have died a million times because of the venom coming out of me. The look I gave him shut him up, and thanks to that stupid little comment, my morning was ruined.

And to make it worse, my sister was scolding me before I left the café,

"Jake, what the hell did you do to Aqua now!" she asked, looking furious.

"What are you talking about?" I ask, confused.

"She walked away from your table looking hurt! Can't you and your friends just leave her alone?!"

"It wasn't me! It was Taylor, he said something about Aqua cutting herself, but I didn't 'think she heard it, I'll go apologize for him..." Yes! This is my chance to speak to Aqua alone!

Trish's expression looked bothered, then she stopped me before I could head out to the back,

"It's ok, I'll talk to her, just don't let one of your friends say anything like that ever again, or they will answer to me..." Trish looked serious.

I didn't get it, I mean I know what Taylor said was rude, but it surely couldn't affect her that much, unless...

No. I refuse to believe that Aqua could do anything to harm herself, but then again.

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