I skipped happily out of the bathroom and to my underwear dresser. I dug through until I found what I was looking for. I pulled out the lingerie Aiden wanted me to wear last night. I quickly put it on, and threw on a pair of black heels to make myself taller. I was a little nervous. I sat on the edge of the bed until the twins emerged from the bathroom. When they walked out their eyes froze on me. I could see the lust in their eyes, and I knew I had the same look too.

"Damn baby, “They grunted, holding themselves. "You look good." I smiled at them and stood up. They noticed the heels. The walked slowly towards me, they were only wearing towels and I could see that these clothing had the right effect on them. they both stopped in front of me. They just stood close to me looking me up and down.

"Like what you see?" I asked them in a seductive whisper. I heard their breathing get heavier. The only nodded as they touched me. Their hands went to my ass and their lips made contact with my neck. They squeezed and sucked, I let out a light moan.

"Lay down!" Aiden commanded. I jumped a little from the force behind his voice. I knew this was just a part of their little game. I lay back on the bed and they climbed on beside me. They removed by bra and each sucked my nipple into their mouth, I gasp as the sensation began to fill me. Their hands were between my legs like they had been in the shower.

Their fingers went to work on me again. My back arched as I writhed in pleasure. They used their other hand to keep my body pressed to the bed. They pumped me harder and harder, continuing their torture on my nipples. I bit my lip trying to hold back a moan. They thrust into me hard, making me scream. My body slid back trying to free itself. They grabbed my legs and pulled me back down.

"No running." They both whispered in my ear. I almost exploded from the feeling of their breath. Aiden climbed between my legs, removing his towel. I pulled Jeremiah's off. My eyes landed on his manhood. I wanted to taste him bad. He saw me watching him. He brought himself close to my mouth; I leaned up and wrapped my lips around him. He grunted in pleasure.

I felt Aiden pushing against my entrance. I opened my legs wider so he could gain access. He wasn't as gentle as Jeremiah. He thrust into me as hard as he could. I moaned in pain and pleasure around Jeremiah's length. His hand grabbed the back of my hair. He pushed himself deeper and deeper into my throat.

Aiden is a tease. He pumped me hard and fast until my climax neared, then he would go slow and soft. I didn't know how much more of this I could take. I felt tears running down my face, as I cried with pleasure. I sucked Jeremiah harder and harder but when he neared his climax I slowed down. I turned the tables. Not only was Aiden teasing me, he was teasing his brother.

Aiden kept it up until his brother was begging. "Aiden please!" he cried. "I can’t take it anymore. It feels so damn good." His body was shaking. I could feel him vibrating in my mouth. I let my tongue caress his head. Aiden still didn't give in. I know he was almost there also; he bit his lip trying to hold his orgasm. I was one hard thrust from mine and Jeremiah was one hard suck from his. The room was filled with whimpering, needing moans.

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