Chapter Sixty-Five

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Justin's POV

The walls seemed to cave around me, as if they were coming closer, trying to crush every bone in my body. The cement emitted a cold draft, but all of my senses had become numb.

Grey and white were the only two colours surrounding me, the small toilet in the corner of the room looking more and more unappetizing each day.

I liked to consider myself a creative person - I was always interested in the arts - but sitting in this room made me feel more dull than a man who has been taking Adderall for fifty years.

"Boys like you don't end up with a girl like that."

"Did you really think you would have a happy ending?"

"Clearly, we have a lot more work to do here."

Words from Dr. McNeil swirled through my mind, each of them coming with a surge of anger. Guys like me deserve a fairy tale ending too, right?

I could not keep track of how long I've been left in solitary. Well, it wasn't technically solitary confinement because Francesca and Stick - I mean Brad - had tried to sneak down every chance they got. It honestly wasn't the worst thing to happen, technically, my sentence hasn't been extended.

Dr. McNeil was just a miserable old bastard who hated everyone in this fucking institution. He thought we were all monsters who belonged in jail. Maybe he's right, maybe we do, but it was not his place to decide that. After instigating me about being able to see Brooke a week - or however long it was - ago, he had completely ripped me apart.

"I don't know what you're talking about." I positioned my rough rands on the metal bars before engaging my biceps and pulling myself up. My muscles slowly relaxed as I lowered down, before flexing and lifting my chin to the bar once again. I was panicking, but I couldn't let Dr. McNeil see that.

"Of course you do." He snickered, "When you went to the mall, took that store owner's car..." he trails off, as if waiting for me to finish the puzzle.

"Listen," I released my sickeningly tight grip on the bar, turning around slowly to face him. My eyes locked with his, not daring to waver in any form. "I don't know what you want, or what you think you know, but I never left that facility. Certainly not to see my girlfriend." I snorted, as if it was completely unrealistic. Lying wasn't necessarily an honorable trait, but I was damn good at it.

His feet scuffled against the mats before his old face is in front of mine. "Lucky for me, the man's car that u borrowed - you know, the jewelry store guy - is one of my good friends." He chuckles and I feel my lips go numb. "For some reason, he really liked you, and he thought I would too. Unlucky for you, I don't."

"Cool story, wish it was true." I snorted, but Dr. McNeil refused to give in.

"You know what my favorite place in here is?" I go to give him a snarky response but he began talking again. "Solitary confinement. No one really talks down there, stuck in their small, cold, cubicles. That's where criminals like you belong. Clearly, we have a lot more work to do here."

"You have no proof." I spat.

He released an evil, self absorbed cackle. "Did you really think you would have a happy ending?"

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