Dear Evan Hansen

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Connor opened the door of his mother's car, silently sitting down and slamming the door, shifting his way inward after he shut the door. A few seconds after, Zoe appeared, opening the door along with allowing the loud chattering sound of students fill the car. She sat the down as shut the door, drowning the sound of those outside and allowing the soft whirring of the air conditioning.

Zoe was smiling as she entered the car, which spread the smile to Cynthia, who was ecstatic to know why her daughter had been so chipper.

"What are you so cheerful about, dear?" Cynthia asked from the driver's seat, over the sound of the air-conditioning whiring in the background. Zoe, who had been tapping on her phone and smiling, looked up, her smile faltering just a bit.

"I-uh... I got an A+ for my test."

Immediately, Connor sniffed out a lie, but he kept quiet.

"Oh, that's amazing, honey!"

Cynthia was always the enthusiastic type, which was quite contradictory when compared to Connor. The same can be said for Zoe. They were like Ying and Yang, except that they don't work well together.

The drive back to their house was rather annoying, at least to Connor. His Mom put up some old Nickelback songs she found in the garage, which was annoying after the song kept looping for a few times, while his sister kept tapping on the phone, giving off a loud clicking sound as he nails tapped onto the screen.

But Connor kept quiet.

He was excited, more than usual, to get to his room. He wanted to write something, an email, a letter, maybe a text, to Evan. He wanted to talk to Evan, since he's the first person Connor took interest in since his first fling with a girl named Carrie.

Carrie was a bit of a nuisance though, since she would carry a tazer about. Not that he minded, but she almost tazed his Mom, for giving him his breakfast.

The thought of writing something for Evan made his heart pound against chest, made him actually have something to look forward to, which was nice.

Then, they reached home. Zoe flung open the car door with a grin and ran inside, making whatever she was excited about more obvious. The same almost happened with Connor, but he wanted to be less conspicuous.

Connor got to his room, and threw his satchel on the floor next to his bed, and headed for the showers. He usually uses the shower to kind of think, about anything at all, some days more depressing than others, but still, he thought. He let the warm water drench his body, seeing locks of his hair in front of his eyes as he thought.

He was thinking about what to say to Evan.

Maybe I should... nah that'll be weird. How about... yeah that could work.

He was running scenarios in his mind, many different ways this could all play out, most of them ending quite literally filled with despair, but he still kept his courage to write out something. He paced around the shower, a finger on his chin.

His recited his plan to himself as he dried himself off and got dressed, a black long sleeved shirt and some shorts. He was going to try to write a letter to Evan. If anyone asked, it was because his therapist asked him to.


He sat at his study desk, taking out the geography homework that was given. He was going to do it, but instead he stared blankly at it for thirty minutes, thought about writing to Evan, and then pushed it aside and brought out his notebook to start writing the letter.

He opened the book, seeing his teal mechanical pencil sitting on the page margins, alongside a soft eraser. He lifts the pencil, still a little too excited about writing. He took a deep breath and exhaled, pressing the lead against the paper and let his mind wonder.

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